Composition of a friend

In life, almost every person has true friends, with whom it is interesting and fun, you can share any secrets and always get help and support from them. I also have such a friend, or rather, a friend. Her name is Lena, and she is 12 years old. This is a girl of medium height, with gray eyes and dark blond long hair. She is agile and agile. The character of Lena is cheerful and uninhibited, and she is very sociable.

Lena is my best friend. We have been friends for a long time, from the kindergarten, and almost never quarrel. Lena and I have a lot in common: we study in the same class, we live in the same house, we have common interests. For example, we both love dancing and we are engaged in choreography, we often discuss dance performances. And she, and I like the same music, and the clothes in our clothes are very similar. We are always interested in each other, there are common themes for talking.

What do I like most about Lena? The fact that she is very responsive to people will always help if you ask, or if she herself sees that you need help. For example, when I was on duty in the classroom alone (since my neighbor on the desk fell ill), Lena came and began to help me. Together we managed to clean up quite quickly. I also like a good sense of humor in my friend. She knows how to make a man laugh even when he’s in a bad mood.

Lena is a true friend. She knows how to keep this word and keep secrets. I also like these qualities very much. I even learn from my friend some things – for example, do not take offense at trifles and honestly admit my mistake, if it really was. And Lena taught me how to braid braids in various ways.

My best friend and I often walk together, talk about what interests us. We also go to school together. Soon my girlfriend will have a birthday, and now I come up with a gift for her.

I would very much like that our friendship with Lena lasted many, many years and never ended!

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Composition of a friend