The Problem of Friendship Composition

Friendship is from great feelings, it stands next to love, respect and honor. True friends save us when we are in trouble, rejoice over our victories and help us in difficult situations. The problem of friendship and its importance in life is well covered in literature, many writers and poets have discussed this issue. Let us recall the novel IA Goncharov and Oblomov.

Boring, pessimistic and monotonous hero of the novel – Ilya Ilin Oblomov lived his life completely aimlessly, not having the desire to improve or even have fun. But he had a friend Stolz – an educated, intelligent and decent man who with all his might tried to pull a friend out of his meaningless existence. Stoltz was a real friend for Oblomov, for Ilya Ilyich he experienced as well as for himself. But, unfortunately, Oblomov’s life did not depend on Stolz 100%, which is why a friend could not completely change his life. After Oblomov’s death, Stolz took his son to him, and real friends do.


friendship, mutual relations are realized. Friendship is a strong feeling that makes a person better. Strong nature of Andrew Stolz with all his might tried to change the difficult nature of Ilya Oblomov. He did his best to “move” Oblomov from a dead center and push him to any kind of activity. But Ilya Ilyich could not adequately respond to the friendly care of Stolz. Nevertheless, the actions of Andrei Stolz are worthy of respect. Friendship is real and faithful is rare. Often we become witnesses of false servitude, for example, when relationships are based on the subordination of one person to another. A similar situation can be observed in Ivan Turgenev’s novel “Fathers and Sons.”

Arkady Kirsanov did not have a strong character and established convictions. His friend Yevgeny Bazarov – on the contrary. The friendship of the young people lasted until Arkady agreed with everything with Eugene and supported his convictions. After coming to the parents’ house, Arkady moved to the side of his father and uncle, thereby losing a friend. We see that the friendship was unequal, and people like Arkady Kirsanov can “be friends” absolutely with everyone. But will these relations be called true friendship?! Finding a true friend in the life of a true friend is a great happiness. Everyone who has a friend is an incredibly rich man. After all, friendly support and advice can not be replaced by anything. As it was said in Nikolai Gogol’s story “Taras Bulba”: “There is no holier than the bonds of the partnership.”

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The Problem of Friendship Composition