“Love and friendship” composition

As if the world has not changed, eternal values ​​still remain for centuries: love and friendship.
“To exclude from life friendship with love is the same as depriving the world of sunlight,” said Cicero.

One of the basic spiritual needs of a person is communication. Communication with someone you can trust, who always understands and supports, on whom you can rely in any life situation. This is exactly what a real friend should be: sincere, faithful, decent. In a large world, it is difficult for a person to find such a friend, but it is even more difficult not to lose him through some trifle, not to “exchange” the relationship with him. This is exactly the kind of friend with whom joy and sadness have gone together, and who both in joys and in sorrows stayed close.

Although each of us is, in a sense, an egoist, true friendship is a relationship that requires devotion, and sometimes even self-sacrifice.

Another such value is love. In the life of everyone comes a time when you start to wonder – What is love?

Why does this sixth sense take so much of our time and energy, determine behavior and make life empty, unbearable or happy and saturated. Of course, there is no simple answer to these questions, more precisely, they each have their own, but every attempt to answer is a page of history, a picture, an act that are the engine of life.

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“Love and friendship” composition