Composition my girlfriend

In my opinion, each of us should have a best friend who can support in a difficult moment. This person understands you with a half-word, knows about you even slightly more than you yourself.

Fortunately, in my life there is such a person. My girlfriend’s name is Oksana. I can not say that we are friends from the very early childhood, but, despite this, we have a lot of common interests and hobbies. For example, we read books of one genre, we like to spend time together, we are fond of dancing and sports.

Also it should be noted that Oksana and I are very similar. But it’s not about appearance, but rather in character. We are united by such qualities as kindness, responsiveness, honesty. These features also manifest themselves in relation to each other. Personally, I respect the opinion of my friend, I often listen to him.

A great role was played in our friendship by the fact that we are in the same class. That is, we can say that we spend all our free time together. I remember many different events that are dear to us both.

I can be sure in Oksana. She is not capable of meanness, she will never betray me. I believe that the most important thing in friendship is to tell the truth, in no way to dissemble. Oksana also adheres to this rule, and always reveals the truth before me, no matter how bitter she sometimes was. My friend points me to mistakes, tries to correct me for the better. Of course, sometimes it’s not very pleasant to hear, but I understand perfectly that Oksana is right. It is for this that I value her most.

It is unlikely that people like Oksana will meet in my life. I’m more than sure that our friendship will last a very long time. At least I will do my best for this.

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Composition my girlfriend