Biography of Edward Bellamy

Edward Bellamy is an American author who was born in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts.

After obtaining the right to practice law in court, he experienced himself in journalism, which was promoted by short novels with genuine charm in various magazines. They were later collected in the “World of Blind People and Other Stories.”

His novels are “Duke Stockbridge”, “Dr. Heindenhoff’s Process”, “Miss Ludington’s Sister”, followed by “A Look Back”, published in Russian under the title “In 2000”. This work eclipsed other works in the biography of Edward Bellamy and made the author famous.

This utopian novel describes the world in 2000 as part of the system of state socialism. The book is written in a modest style and vividly describes the society represented.

The book was sold in more than a million copies in subsequent years and led to the formation of nationalist clubs among the entire population.

Edward Bellamy himself founded and began to edit “New Nation” from 1891 to 1894, which was published weekly. The novel “Equality”, being a continuation of the novel “A Look Back”, was published in 1897.

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Biography of Edward Bellamy