My favourite teacher

“A circus is going to school for us!” – declared the teacher. “And what will the animals bring?” one of the girls asked. “No, there will not be animals,” smiled Olga Ivanovna, “there will be acrobats, a clown and even a magician.” We were looking forward to the circus performance, because everyone – adults and children – love the circus. We really liked jugglers and acrobats. And the clown, as it seemed to us, was not in the mood. It was as if he had a toothache. But still, we applauded with all our heart.

Unexpectedly, after another trick, the magician invited our teacher Olga Ivanovna to the assistant. And that’s what surprised everyone: she was very professional in carrying out his team. And all ended with the fact that Olga Ivanovna herself showed a trick, and the magician helped her. We were shocked – where did the teacher of mathematics have the ability of a circus artist? The magician himself

explained everything. He was still a young man who had recently graduated from a circus school. But he started his career as a professional artist with a children’s circus studio at the House of Culture of Railway Workers, where Olga Ivanovna led him, a difficult teenager. The fact that she herself was engaged in a schoolgirl in a circus studio, but then decided to link her life with the school. It was her initiative that the circus came, and they, the magician Alexei and Olga Ivanovna, decided to prepare a joint number.

Since then, we have become a different eye to look at our teacher. We used to like her lessons. The girls tried to imitate her in clothes, and the boys were ashamed to come with an unlearned theorem or an unsolved equation. She explained it so clearly! After going to the circus, we often asked Olga Ivanovna to show us some kind of trick. “I can teach you simple tricks, but all this after the lessons,” the teacher said, “it’s time for business, a fun hour.”

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My favourite teacher