The summary of “Echo” Nagibina

In 1964, the screens of the USSR released the film “Girl and Echo.” You can now look at it using sources from the Internet. Anyone who wants to learn the plot of the movie to decide whether to watch it can read the summary of “Echo”. Nagibin, known more as a writer who created a story about the war, talked about peacetime.

Acquaintance with the girl

The name of the place where the action of the story takes place is written by the author himself. This is Sinogeria. With the description of this beach area begins the story and a brief summary of “Echo”. Nagibin leads the story in the first person, on behalf of the boy Seryozha. He was sitting on the beach and was looking for beautiful stones in the sand. Suddenly he heard a thin voice, raised his eyes and saw a completely naked thin girl with wet hair. She asked why he sat on her underwear. With these words, she bent down and pulled out her yellow-blue panties from beneath the boy.


asked if she was ashamed to bathe like this. The girl answered that her mother said this: “You can do it with small clothes, but you can catch a cold in wet clothes!”. That’s how Sergey met Vika. This is a summary of the “Echo”. Nagibin, on behalf of Seryozha, gave the conversation to the boy and the girl. He told her that he collects stones. She shared with him her secret about what is collecting echoes. Sergei was surprised at this. He also learned that Vika does not like being called that. She liked the name of Vitka more. That’s how Sergei got a friend, whom he called a friend.


What will the “Echo” summary further tell? Nagibin says that Vitka led Sergei to the slope of the mountain, which everyone called the Devil’s finger. The boy was surprised how Vick manages to scream on the mountain near the abyss and receive in response different shades of echo. Since then, the children became very friendly. They went swimming together, and Seryozha did not pay any attention to the fact that Vitka was bathed in this form.


the boy realized why she behaved this way. The girl considered herself not just ugly, but even ugly, so she did not betray any value to what looks and what she walks about. The children climbed mountains together, visited the grotto and even found a croaking echo. It seemed that the friendship was strong, but one thing ruined everything.

Cowardice or betrayal?

The story “Echo” Nagibin continues unpleasant event. Somehow Sergei and Vitka were on the beach. The girl, as usual, splashed in her pristine form, and he sat on the shore. Suddenly a company of boys, headed by Igor, appeared. Serezha long wanted to have a friendship with this authoritative boy, but he did not pay attention to him. The boys saw that Vika was bathing naked, and began to laugh. At first they wanted to get into the water, but the girl picked up the stone, threatening them. Then the boys sat next to her clothes and waited. The girl asked Seryozha to bring her things, but Igor forbade it, and he did not help his girlfriend.

Frozen in the water the girl still came out, hiding behind her hands, dressed and shouted to Sergei that he was a coward. This is the story Nagibin wrote. “Echo” ends on a positive note. Sergei wanted to raise his authority in the new company and led the guys to listen to the echo. But it did not sound. The girl Vika came to him to say goodbye, smart and beautiful, as she was leaving with her mother, and she told me where it was necessary to shout, so that the echo sounded great.

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The summary of “Echo” Nagibina