Composition on “Friendship”

Each of us at one or another age thinks about the question: what is real friendship? The majority of people whom we consider to be friends are actually just our acquaintances, that is, those whom we single out from the surrounding society. We know their worries, their problems, we consider them to be close people to us, we turn to them for help and we are willingly helping them in difficult times.

It would Seem, fine relations – but all the same there is no full revelation. We do not trust them with our innermost thoughts. If success comes to them, we do not rejoice for them as for ourselves. They are not strangers to us, there is a certain closeness between them. But can this be called friendship?

The status of friendship can be appropriated only to honest, sincere relationships, when they have a mutual sense of kindness to each other and a readiness to disinterestedly help at any moment plus spiritual intimacy. You can talk about friendship forever, as, for example, about the meaning of life or about love. One can observe it, but few can truly feel it. I will say simply: “Friendship is necessary!” Friendship gives a happy opportunity to accept another person as he is, without trying to change it for himself, to adapt to one’s own needs.

Friendship is a joy of communication, based on trust and confidence in the reliability of a friend. And I want to say that those who claim that friendship that existed in the distant past have disappeared in the modern world are mistaken. The world will always be filled with friends who will always give us joy. Appreciate friends, because these are the most beautiful people!

They will be with you throughout life!

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Composition on “Friendship”