“What a friend I” composition

The most beautiful gift made to people after wisdom is friendship.

How, in the view of a modern schoolboy, should there be a real friend? What character traits to have, and what qualities to possess? Everyone will answer these questions. After all, we are all different. Everyone has their own views on life, on relationships. Everyone has different needs and desires. And this is normal, this is correct.

Let us consider first what friendship is. Undoubtedly, these are close and trusting relationships between people, which bring joy, pleasure, pleasure and happiness. These relations are based on mutual trust, acceptance, understanding, attachment, as well as on common interests, needs and views. This is the spark of mutual aid, self-giving, trust between people. After all, every person needs to be understood and accepted, that he would be trusted and appreciated.

We all need kindness, as well as attention, responsiveness and unselfishness.

What is a true friend

for me, an ordinary modern student? This is, above all, a positive and benevolent person, with a present sense of humor. He is certainly sympathetic, gentle, polite and affable. Another friend of mine must be a man of his word, if he said that he promised something, then he certainly did. It is desirable that my friend behaved in a polite and dignified society, knew the rules of behavior, respected other human personalities. It is also important for me that a person close to me should always be sincere and remain himself in different situations, was real. He was also lenient and fair to other people, as well as to their actions.

For me, one of the main criteria of friendship are mutual interests, common interests, perhaps the same hobby. The time that friends spend together, should be interesting and productive. Communication should bring people who are friends, pleasure, inspiration and positive emotions.

A true friend will never leave you in trouble, will always be ready to help. He will be able to listen, if necessary, give good advice, and if you just keep silent. A friend will always tell you the truth,

even if unpleasant and bitter. He will not flatter you, but he will not be harshly criticized either. A friend is aware and adequately expresses his opinion if it is necessary to point out mistakes. It should be advised, it should be possible to help him. And I think that this is how true and true friends behave. At least, as a friend, I try to follow such rules and principles in life.

“A friend in need will not give up, do not ask too much…”. I believe that the words of the famous children’s song best represent the most important and basic criteria of friendship. Be friends, try to become a worthy and true friend! It will make your life happy, joyful, multifaceted and diverse. You will never feel lonely. Friendship is a wonderful gift to humanity!

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“What a friend I” composition