Composition is my favorite actor

I like to go to the cinema. Not far from my house there is a cinema. I usually go to the movies with my friends on Sundays. We do not like to attend evening sessions and usually buy tickets for the show in the morning or afternoon. I prefer to watch American, English and other foreign films, but I love our films too.

My favorite actor is Yuri Nikulin. He is known in all parts of the former Soviet Union and is loved by many people. Yuri Nikulin took part in the Great Patriotic War. After the war, he entered the All-Union Institute of Cinematography and became an actor.

Yuri Nikulin played roles in many films, but most of all he is known as a comedy actor. Some of these comedies have become favorites of many viewers: who does not know such comedies as “The Caucasian Captive” and “The Diamond Arm”? These films are popular with people of all ages and we watch them with pleasure many times.

But it must also be said that Yuri Nikulin had a great dramatic talent. For example, his role in the movie “Scarecrow”, where he plays the grandfather of the main character. His acting is full of tragedy and sympathy.

Yuri Nikulin was not only an actor, but a famous circus clown. Nikulin was the director of the Moscow Circus.

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Composition is my favorite actor