Real friendship

It can be unerringly affirmed that every person on the planet, capable of thinking and reasoning, was thinking about what real friendship is. What is she like? How to get her? And in general, the very fact of the existence of friendship as such was repeatedly questioned if not every person, then every second – for sure. What does real friendship mean in a person’s life and do they really need it? In fact, it is easiest to say: how many people, so many opinions. This is true. But we will try to systematize these opinions and combine similar views into groups.

So, let’s start with those people who were lucky enough to meet real and faithful friends and girlfriends. Often, such relationships are born in early childhood and continue throughout life. Real comrades do not mind when they call their friend a brother. It is very rare to meet such examples. For the birth of a true friendship, you need a coincidence of a million circumstances, which, alas, happens infrequently.

In such relations there is no bias, there is no place for flattery and lies, the friend’s understanding of himself is reigning. In fact, it is not surprising that examples of strong friendship are most often found between men. But the sexual characteristics of friendship a little later.

There are many people who will argue that true friendship does not exist. In fact, you can understand them, because such statements, unfortunately, are based on life experience. How often, as bosom friends, later people face betrayal, deceit and lies. What caused this? Probably the most correct answer is the ego. Self-esteem, inability to sacrifice one’s interests, to sacrifice oneself. Inability to love your neighbor as yourself. Friendship breaks down if there is no such foundation.

The topic of women’s friendship does not cease to provoke heated discussions and debates. What is real friendship in the understanding of a woman, and in general, does this friendship need a woman? Most men do not believe in friendship between women, find it impregnated with flattery. So far, this view has found refutations

extremely rarely. Men deserve respect, believing that the main and true friend for a woman should be he, beloved person. All the rest – friends, familiar, but a friend – only him.

The theme of friendship is as old as the world, you can write no work that is real friendship. One thing is certain: there are not many friends. There are enough manifestations of friendship, one of them – family ties. How often the best friend for a girl becomes a mother. Without even noticing, we weave life with threads of close relationships, because without friendship it is still not easy to live.

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Real friendship