Dog friend man composition

Since ancient times, the dog lives next to a man, he is our friend and helper. This is the first animal that has tamed the ancient man. He shared food with the dog, and she helped him on the hunt and guarded him and his shelter. Since that time, the true friendship between them continues.

Today, the role of the dog in people’s lives is very important, it performs many functions. Firstly, the dog is usually the family’s favorite home, which warms the heart with its friendly attitude, entertains, protects the house. My girlfriend really loves dogs. She says that dogs are very smart, they know how to learn, they understand the master even without words, feeling his mood. There are breeds of dogs, for example, Labrador, which are very kind, they are taken to families with young children, and they become real friends and protectors for them.

The dog does a lot of good for us. Specially trained dogs help to search for people in the mountains, to save on the water,

to serve in the police, and others become guides to people who have lost their sight, they will not let you get lost in the forest. I’m sure the dogs know how to do many more things that I do not know about.

A friendship – this is not a game in one gate, so that the man for his part should also be a true companion to his pet. Usually people are very friendly to domestic dogs, take care of them, starting from food and ending with fashionable now hikes in dog beauty salons! It is interesting that dogs do not require much. For a good relationship, they are happy and a soft cushion in the apartment, and an ordinary box in the yard. They agree to live a life in captivity in order to be needed. Therefore, in my opinion, the most important thing is not to offend the animals, because they also have feelings, and they love their master.

A dog is a true friend of a person who does not laugh and does not betray, will help in everything where he can, understand his mood and try to improve, despite the fact that he has four paws and a tail and can not speak. And understanding without words is even more valuable. Therefore, it is worthy to be grateful to our favorites for their devotion and to answer them the same.

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Dog friend man composition