What does a friend mean to me?

Nowadays many people have friends, but very few know what a “friend” is.

For me, a true friend is the person with whom you can eat a pud of salt, share joy, consult, which never betrays, which you can trust with all your secrets. Nowadays, many people, especially this popular among teenagers, boast that they have many friends. In fact, they are just acquaintances. About these “friends” you can say this: “A fake friend with us only in good weather”

There are people whose friendship is the only happiness. As a rule, such a person, or no one, except friends, or they are self-contained and have a bad relationship with relatives and friends.

An example of true friendship I want to cite from a series of books and films about Harry Potter, perhaps this example will be banal, but, nevertheless, J. Rowling very well lets us understand what real friendship is. She quotes a series of her books as follows: “I did not give Harry parents, good schooling and an easy life, but I gave him real friends.” Indeed, Ron, Hermione and Harry were with each other from beginning to end. They shared both joy and sorrow, they laughed and cried, understanding and support were present in their relations.

That’s what it means to me a true friend.

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What does a friend mean to me?