The most memorable day

I really love circus and I go watch circus performances. One day a circus troupe came to our city, where my father’s friend, Uncle Vasya, is working. He is an air gymnast and works under the very dome of the circus, performing very complex tricks.

Uncle Vasya invited me to his circus to see the performance “from within”, from behind the scenes. How I was interested! I gladly agreed.

It turns out that during the show the life is boiling behind the scenes. Artists warm up, rehearse the complex elements of their numbers before the release. Everyone is excited. The clown in the dressing room finishes putting on make-up. Balls in the hands of the jugglers, as if alive, soar to different heights, drawing patterns in flights. Trainers reassure the dogs, who are waiting, will not wait for their entry into the arena.

Backstage smells of animals, sawdust and something else elusive. Uncle Vasya says that it is the smell of a circus.

I was very worried

and tried not to get under the feet of the artists ready for the release. But they were not angry with me, because everyone was busy with their own business.

Their professional skills and circus performers are often passed on to children. So there are circus dynasties, families. Backstage, I met two twin brothers, who are only one year older than me. They are gymnasts. Despite their youth, they are already working in the arena with their number, which they put their dad. The brothers-gymnasts are still studying, but they often have to change schools, because the troupe constantly moves from town to town. The guys told me that they do not get proper training, because the work takes a lot of time and energy. After all, they need to train regularly to keep fit all the time.

It was very interesting to visit my uncle Vasya. I began to look at the circus show quite differently: if for the spectators the performance is entertainment, then for the circus artists it is hard work.

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The most memorable day