Composition on the theme of holidays

An enthusiastic premonition of the coming holiday excites the imagination of both adults and children, expecting from it real wonders and fulfillment of the most secret desires. The fact that significant events unite people, collecting them together at a table or in the bosom of nature, and tells the reader an interesting composition about the holiday.

We all love with joy and a good mood to have fun in a pleasant company. This opportunity always falls on any holiday, each of which in own way is loved. Be it the New Year. Birthday or last call.

An exciting premonition of fairy magic, the fulfillment of desire or the receipt of a long-awaited gift brings a mysterious feeling of spiritual recovery and trembling joy on a festive day.

We love holidays, because they cross out monotonous routine, sad mood and joyless thoughts. Let it be for one day, but we forget about sorrows and adversity, vanity and cares. Suddenly it turns out that an endless string of urgent matters

can fully obey the command: “Stop!” and completely fly out of your head to give your body a breather and allow you to relax the tension of your nerves. On a holiday, relatives and friends, friends and, even, random people, who in time too can become close in spirit, usually come together.

New Year’s and Christmas holidays are amazing for children and adults by the threshold of a miracle or a fairy tale of their own incredible adventures that occur to them on these exceptionally unusual days. The beauty of winter landscapes strengthens the festive euphoria and mood.

Spring comes with its joys – a woman’s day, a bright Easter and May holidays. A new wave of life fills the hearts of people with new hope, faith and love. Each holiday brings its own, unique and colorful, a highlight in the customs and traditions of all the holidays of the year.

Let us be able to enjoy life, let in our hearts a good mood, meet with friends more often and hold long-awaited holidays with those we love.

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Composition on the theme of holidays