Composition on the theme “Easter”

Easter is the most significant religious holiday, celebrated in the spring. Vaughn came to us from ancient times. On this day, according to the Christian legend, Jesus Christ was resurrected after he was crucified on the cross in order to make amends for all the sins of mankind. This miracle symbolizes for the believing people the liberation of sins. In the ethnic view it is a holiday of renewal of the earth and nature. Preparation for the celebration of Easter takes a whole week, every day which contains special significance, and which is celebrated by the performance of certain rituals. Preceded by a seven-week Easter Great post

They celebrate Easter in raeGEM in different countries of the world and even in different regions of Ukraine. Before Easter, all the families bake delicious cakes and paint eggs in bright colors. He likes the aroma and taste of Easter cakes, and especially their tops, sprinkled with rage colored sugar.

Early in the daytime on Sunday, everyone goes to church, and after returning sit down at the festive table. In the church, the priest sprinkles people and food with holy water. There is a custom to light a candle and insert it into the Easter during consecration. If you bring a burning candle to the house itself, then surely there will be happiness and wealth for a whole year. On this day the whole family is usually gathered for communication and fun. Around the cheerful festive atmosphere

There is a folk belief in the fact that in the aftermath of Easter, it finally warms up, therefore, the earlier the feast, that spring comes faster. I noticed that on this day it often rains, even a little, and already on Monday begins warm, sunny weather. Easter is one of my most beloved holidays!

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Composition on the theme “Easter”