“Liao Zhai’s Stories of the Extraordinary” Pu Sung-lin in Brief Content

Funny Innin

Wang Zifu from Lodian early lost his father. His mother kept his eyes on him. The young lady from the Xiao family had flown him, only she had died before the wedding. One day, a cousin came to Van on the feast of lanterns and carried him along to look at the festivities. Soon the brother returned home on urgent business, and Van in excited ecstasy went himself to walk alone.

And then he saw a young lady with a branch of flowering plum in her hand. A face of such beauty that it does not exist in the world. The student could not take his eyes off. The young lady laughed, dropped the branch and left. The student picked up a flower, went saddened home, where he hid the flower under the pillow, his head dropped and then fell asleep. The next morning it turned out that he had stopped eating and talking. Mother became alarmed, ordered a moleben with a curse from obsession, but the patient became even worse.

Mother asked her brother to ask Wang. He confessed

everything. Brother Wu laughed at his misfortune and promised to help. I went to look for a girl. But she could not find a trace anywhere. And Wang, meanwhile, cheered up. I had to lie that the young lady was found to be a distant relative – this, of course, will complicate the matchmaking, but in the end everything will be formed. The hopeful student began to recover with might and main. Only at all did not appear. And again the student became ill. His mother offered him other brides, but Wang did not want to listen. Finally he decided to go himself in search of a beauty.

He walked and walked until he found himself in the Southern mountains. There among the bowls and flower glades hid the village. In it, the student met his lost young lady. She again held a flower in her hand and laughed again. The student did not know how to get to know her. I waited until the evening when an old woman came out of the house and began to ask who he was and why he had come. He explained that he was looking for a relative. Word by word it turned out that they really are related. They led the student into the house, introduced

him to the lady, and she knew she laughed without restraint, although the old woman tried to shout at her.

A few days later, the mother sent messengers for her son. And he persuaded the old woman to let Innin with him, so that she met with a new family. Mother, learning about relatives, was very surprised. She knew that Brother U simply deceived his son. But they began to find out – really relatives. Once, one of their relatives knew with the fox, fell ill and died, and the fox gave birth to a girl named Innin. I decided then to check everything and went to that village, but did not find anything there, except for the flowering thickets. He returned, and the young lady only laughed.

Wang’s mother, deciding that the girl was a demon, told her everything that she had learned about her. Only she was not at all embarrassed, giggled and giggled. Wang’s mother had already assembled to marry the young lady and her son, but was afraid to become related with the devil. Still, they got married.

Once Innin saw a neighbor and began to incline her to fornication. And that only laughs. He decided that she agreed. At night he came to the appointed place, and the young lady was waiting for him. Only he came to her, as in a secret place he felt the prick. He looked – he pressed himself to a dry tree, in the hollow of which a huge scorpion lurked. I tormented my wives and died. Mother understood that the matter was in the irrepressible gaiety of the daughter-in-law. She begged her not to laugh, she promised, And in fact she did not laugh more without restraint, but she remained cheerful as before.

Somehow Innina admitted to her husband that she was sad that her mother had not been buried, the body of the unfortunate person had remained in the mountains. He admitted it because the student and his mother, although they knew about her fox nature, did not shy away from their relatives. They went with the coffin to the mountains, found the body and was buried with proper ceremonies in the grave of Father Innin. A year later Innin gave birth to an unusually intelligent child.

So, silly laughter is not a reason to deny a person the presence of heart and mind. Look how she has avenged her fornication! And as the mother revered and regretted – for nothing that demonic breed. Perhaps, in general Innin – this strange woman, in fact a hermit, hiding from all, hiding in a laugh?

Fairy of the lotus

Tsung Xiangjo from Huzhou served somewhere. Once in the autumn field he caught a couple. The man picked up and ran away. He looked Tsung, and the girl herself is good, the body is fluffy and smooth, like lipstick. He persuaded her to visit in the late evening a secluded office in his house. The virgin agreed, and at night poured, so to speak, the exhausting rain from the swollen clouds – between them was established the most complete love affinity. Month after month everything was kept secret.

Somehow Tsung was seen by a Buddhist monk. I understood that the devil’s delusion tormented me. Tsung indeed weakened day by day. He began to suspect the girl. The monk told Tsung’s servant to lure the fox-and that was the fox! – in a jug, fill the neck with a special talisman, put on fire and boil in a cauldron.

At night, the virgin, as usual, came to Tsung, brought the sick miraculous oranges. The servant deftly did everything as the monk ordered, but only was going to put the jug in a tub of boiling water, like Tsung, looking at the oranges, remembering the kindness of his beloved, regretting her and ordering the servant to release the fox from the jug. She promised to thank him for mercy and disappeared.

First, a stranger handed the medicine to the servant, and Zong quickly recovered. He realized that it was the gratitude of the fox, and again he dreamed of seeing a friend. At night she came to him. She explained that she had found a bride instead of him. You just have to go to the lake and find a beauty in a cloak, and if her trail is lost, look for a lotus with a short stem.

Tsung did so. Immediately I saw the maid in the cloak, she disappeared, and when he tore off the lotus, again appeared in front of him. Then – time! – and turned into a stone. Tsung he planted it with care on the table and lit cigarettes. And at night I found a maid in my bed. He fell in love with her firmly. No matter how she resisted, no matter how she assured her that her nature was fox, Tsung did not let her go anywhere, and they healed together. She was very silent.

The virgin waited for the child and accepted the birth itself, and the next morning she became healthier again. Six or seven years later she suddenly announced to her husband that she had redeemed her sins, and it was time to say goodbye. He begged her to stay, but in vain. In the eyes of astonished Tsung, soared to heaven, he only managed to tear the shoe from her leg. Instantly the shoe turned into a stone red swallow. And in the trunk was found a fortress cape When I wanted to see the girl, I took a cloak in my hands and called her. Immediately a beautiful woman appeared before him – her exact likeness, only mute.

Wicked wife of Jiangcheng

Student Gao Fan from childhood was noted for his cleverness, he had a beautiful face and pleasant manners. Parents dreamed of successfully marrying him, but he was capricious, refusing the richest brides, and his father did not dare to contradict the only son.

But he fell in love with the daughter of poor scientist Fanya. As his mother did not dissuade, he did not retreat from his own: they played a wedding. The couple were a wonderful couple, very fit, only a young wife from time to time was angry with her husband, turning away from him, as if from a stranger. Somehow her cries were heard by Gao’s parents, they reprimanded their son, saying, why did she let her wife go. He tried to persuade Jiangcheng, but she became even more furious, beat her husband, kicked him out the door, and shut the door.

Then everything went even worse, my wife did not know the short, she was angry all the time. Gao old men demanded that the son give his wife a divorce.

A year later, Jiangcheng’s father, old Fan, met a student, begged him to visit their house. Outfitted elegant Jiangcheng, the couple were touched, and in the meantime the table was covered, son-in-law began to regale with wine. The student stayed overnight. And he kept everything from his parents. Soon, Fan came to old Gao to persuade to take the daughter-in-law back to the house. He resisted, but, with extreme amazement, he learns that his son spends the night with his wife, has resigned himself and agreed.

Month went quietly, but soon Jiangcheng took up the old – parents began to notice on her son’s face traces of her fingernails, and then saw her pounding her husband with a stick. Then the old men told their son to live alone and only sent him food. They called Fanya to calm his daughter, but she did not want to listen to her father, and showered him with offensive, nasty words. He died with anger, and after him the old woman also died.

The student yearned, alone, and the matchmaker sometimes began to lead to him young girls to have fun. Once the wife tracked down the matchmaker, threatened to learn from her the details of the night visits, and in the guise of another guest she herself entered the bedroom to her husband. When everything was opened, the unfortunate man was so frightened that from that time on and in rare moments of conjugal benevolence he proved to be incapable of anything. His wife completely banned him.

To leave the student had the right only to the husband of the sister’s wife, whom he sometimes drank. But Jiangcheng also showed her holes: her sister was beaten to death, her husband from the yard drove away. Gao completely dried up, abandoned his studies, failed the exam. I could not speak to anyone with a word. Once he started talking to his own servant, so the wife grabbed the wine jug and let them pound her husband, then tied him and the maid, cut out each piece of meat on her stomach and transplanted from one to the other.

Gao’s mother was very sad. One day an old man appeared to her in a dream, who explained that in the previous birth Jiangcheng was a mouse and the son was a scientist. Once in the temple, he accidentally crushed a mouse, and now feels her revenge on herself. Therefore, it remains only to pray. The old people began to pray earnestly for the divine Guanyin.

A time later came a wandering monk. He began to preach about the retribution for the deeds of his former life. The people gathered. Jiancheng also came. Suddenly the monk sprinkled water on it, shouted: “Do not be angry!” – and without a single angry word he did not say, the woman wandered home.

At night she repented before her husband, all of his scars and bruises, left after her beatings, stroked, sobbed incessantly, gnawed at herself with the last words. And in the morning they returned to the old people’s house, Jiangcheng and before them, she complained, she lay at her feet, praying for forgiveness.

From that time, Jiangcheng became an obedient wife and a respectful daughter-in-law. The family became rich. A student in science has succeeded.

So, the reader, the person in his life, the fruit of his actions will certainly receive: he drinks or eats – there will be a reward for his deeds.

Minister of Literary Education

Wang Pinzi came to the capital to take exams for an official and settled in the temple. There already lived a student who did not even want to get acquainted with Wang.

One day a white young man came to the temple. Van quickly became friends with him. He was originally from Dengzhou and wore the surname Sun. There was a student who immediately showed his arrogance. He tried to offend Sun, but he himself was a common laughingstock. Then the impudent offered to compete in the ability to compose on a given topic. Again, Sun surpassed him.

Then Wang took him to his room to acquaint himself with his work. Sun praised and criticized. Wang felt great trust in him, like a teacher. I treated him with ravioli. Since then, they have often met: Sun taught a friend to compose, and he fed him pelmeni. Over time, the student, who has diminished his arrogance, asked to evaluate his works, already highly exalted by friends. Sun did not approve of them, but the student held his resentment.

Once Wang and Sun met a blind healer-heshan. Soon immediately realized that heshan is a great connoisseur of literary style. He advised Van to bring his works to hashan. Van obeyed, assembled his work at home and went to the blind man. On the way he met a student who also got involved with him. Heshan said that he did not have time to listen to the compositions, and ordered them to be burned one after another – he will be able to understand everything by smell. And they did. Reviews hashana were unusually perceptive. Only the student did not believe them too much. Burned to the experience of composing ancient authors – hashan came to delight, and when the student burned his own work, the blind man immediately caught the substitution and spoke of his talent with complete disdain.

However, the exams succeeded the student, and Van failed. They went to hashan. He noticed that he was judging about the style, not about fate. He suggested that the student burn eight any works, and he, heshan, guesses which of the authors is his teacher. It was accepted to burn. Heshan sniffed until he suddenly vomited – the student just burned the work of his mentor. The student became furious and left, and then he moved somewhere from the temple.

And Wang decided to persist in preparing for the exams for next year. Sung helped him. Moreover, the treasure that once belonged to his grandfather was found in the house where he lived. It’s time for the exams, but Vana again suffered a failure – he broke some once and for all established rules. Soon was inconsolable, and Van had to calm him down. He confessed that he was not a man at all, but a wandering soul, and, evidently, the curse that extends over him extends to his friends.

Soon it turned out that the Lord of Hell ordered Sun to be in charge of literary affairs in the monastery of darkness. When he said goodbye, Sun Wang persisted in working hard, and then said that all the food he had eaten all the time in Wang’s house lay in the backyard and had already grown through magical mushrooms – every child who had eaten them would wisely. So they parted.

Wang went to his homeland, he began to study with even more zeal and concentration. In a dream, Sun appeared to him and said that the sins of past births would prevent him from taking an important position. And in fact: Wang passed the exams, but did not serve. Two sons were born to him. One was stupid. His father fed him mushrooms, and he immediately wised up. All of Sun’s predictions came true.

The Wizard of Gong

Daos Gong had no name, no nickname. Once I wanted to see the Lusky prince, but the gatekeepers did not begin to report. Then the Taoist approached the official who had left the palace. He ordered the ragwalker to drive away. The Tao started to run. Once in the wasteland, he laughed, took out the gold and asked me to give it to the official. He did not ask at all for the prince, but simply wanted to take a walk in the magnificent palace garden.

The official, seeing the gold, matched and led the Taoist in the garden. Then they climbed the tower. Taos pushed the official, and he flew down. It turned out that he was suspended on a thin rope, and the Taoist disappeared. The poor man could hardly save. The prince ordered to find the Taoist. Togo was soon taken to the palace.

After a rich meal, the Taoist demonstrated his skills to the prince: he extracted from the sleeve of the singers who sang for the prince, fairies and celibates, and the heavenly weaver even offered the prince a magic dress. The admired prince invited the guest to settle in the palace, which he refused, continuing to live with student Shana, although sometimes he stayed overnight with the prince and arranged all sorts of miracles.

Student one shortly before that befriended and became close with the builder Hui Ge, and the prince called her to the palace. The student asked the Taoist for help. He planted Shana in his sleeve and went to play with the prince in chess. He saw Hui Ge, and imperceptibly to others around him, brushed it into his sleeve. There enamored and met. So they saw each other three times, and then the singer took it. In the palace of the child you can not hide, and the student again fell at the feet of the Taoist. He agreed to help. Once he brought home a baby whom Shan’s clever wife accepted without resentment, and gave her gown, stained with maternity blood, to the student, saying that even a scrap of it would help with difficult births.

After a while, the Taoist declared that he would soon die. The prince did not want to believe, but he soon really died. He was buried with honor. And the student began to help with difficult births. Once in any way the beloved concubine of the prince could not be solved. He helped her too. The Prince wanted to give him generously, but the student wished for one thing – to connect with his beloved Hui Ge. The prince agreed. Their son was eleven years old. He remembered his Taoist benefactor, visited his grave.

Somehow in the far land, one local merchant met the Taoist, who asked to give the prince a bundle. The prince admitted his thing, but, not understanding anything, ordered the digging of the grave of the Taoist. The coffin was empty.

How wonderful it would be if such a thing really happened – “heaven and earth in the sleeve”! Further die in a similar sleeve – it would be worth it!

Hailings Xiaotsui

When he was still in his childhood with Minister Wang, when he was lying on the bed, what happened was that suddenly a strong thunder burst, it grew dark all around, and someone, bigger than a cat, clung to him, and as soon as the darkness dissipated and everything cleared up, the incomprehensible creature disappeared. The brother explained that it was a fox who had sheltered from Thunder of Thunder, and the appearance of her promises a high career. So it happened – Van succeeded in life. Only his only son was born stupid, and could not manage to marry him.

But one day a woman with a girl of extraordinary beauty entered the gates of Vanov’s estate and offered her daughter to fool Yuanfeng for wife. Parents were delighted. Soon the woman disappeared, and the girl Xiaotsui began to live in the house.

She was incredibly smart, but she was always amused and mischievous and made fun of her husband. Her mother-in-law will scold her, but she knows she is silent, she smiles. A censor lived on the same street, also wearing the surname Wang. He dreamed of annoying our Van. And Xiaotsui, dressed as the first minister, gave the censor an excuse to suspect the father in secret against him intrigues. A year later, the real minister died, the censor appeared in Van’s house and accidentally ran into his son, dressed in a royal dress. I took away my clothes and a hat from the fool and went to inform the Tsar.

Meanwhile, Van and his wife went to punish the daughter-in-law for stupid fun. She only laughed.

The Emperor considered the clothes brought and realized that it was just fun, angered by a false denunciation and ordered to hand over the censor to court. He tried to prove that in the house of Wang there lives an unclean force, but the servants and neighbors have refuted everything. The censorship was exiled to the far south.

Since then, the daughter-in-law has come to love the daughter-in-law. True, they were worried that young children do not.

One day, my wife jokingly covered her husband with a blanket. Look, he’s not breathing already. Only they attacked the daughter-in-law with a curse, as the barych came to himself and became normal, as if he were not a fool. Now the young ones have finally healed like a human.

Somehow the young one dropped it and smashed an expensive antique vase. They began to reproach her. Then she announced that she was not a man at all, but lived in the house only in gratitude for the kind treatment of her mother-fox. Now she will leave. And disappeared.

My husband began to dry with melancholy. Two years later he somehow heard from behind the fence voice and realized that this is his wife, Xiaotsui. Wan begged her to settle with them again in their house, even the mother called for persuasion. But Xiaotsui agreed to live with him only in seclusion, in a country house.

After a while, she began to grow old. Children they did not have, and she persuaded her husband to take a young concubine. He refused, but then he decided. The new wife was poured Xiaotsui in his youth. Meanwhile she disappeared. The husband realized that she had deliberately aged her face, so that he could better accept her disappearance.

Healer Jiaon

Student Kuhn Xueli was a descendant of the Perfect, that is, Kuntszy, Confucius. Being well-educated, well-read, he wrote poetry well. Once I went to my learned friend, and he died. I had to temporarily settle in the temple. He walked past the empty house of Mr. Dany, and suddenly a handsome young man came out of the gate. He persuaded the student to move into the house and teach, instruct him, the young man. Soon the Senior Mister came. He thanked the student that he did not refuse to teach his stupid son. I gave generously. The student continued to instruct, enlighten the youth, and in the evenings they drank wine and had fun.

The heat came. And then the student had a tumor. The young man called on Jiaono’s sister to treat the teacher. She came. She quickly coped with the disease, and when she spat out a red ball from her mouth, the student felt at once healthy. Then she put the ball in her mouth again and swallowed it.

Since that time, the student has lost his peace – everything about the beautiful Jiaono thought. Only she was still too young. Then the young man invited him to marry sweet Sun, the daughter of his aunt. That older. The student looked, immediately fell in love. Have arranged a wedding. Soon the young man and his father were going to leave. And Kuhn was advised to return with his wife to his homeland. The old man gave them a hundred bullions of gold. The young man took the young man by the hand, ordered to close his eyes, and they suddenly fluttered, they overcame the space. Flew home. And the boys did not happen.

They lived with my mother Kuhn. A son named Xiaohuan was born. Kun was promoted, but was suddenly removed from office.

Once, hunting, again met a young man. He invited to his village. Kun came with his wife and child. Came and Jiaono. She was already married to a certain gentleman. Healed together. One day the young man told Kun that a terrible disaster was coming and that only he, Kun, could save them. He agreed. The young man confessed that in their family they were not all people, but foxes, but Kun did not give up.

A terrible storm began. In the darkness a man appeared, looking like a demon with a sharp beak, and grabbed Jiaoning. Kun hit his sword. Bes fell to the ground, but Kun fell dead.

Jiaoning, seeing the deceased because of her student, told him to hold his head, to break his teeth, and she let him in her mouth a red ball. She clung to her lips and began to blow, and the balloon was bent in the throat. In the meantime, Kuhn woke up and revived.

It turned out that the whole family of Jiaono’s husband had died in the storm. It was necessary to her with the young man together with Kuhn and his wife to go to them home. And they have healed together. Son of Kuhn grew up, became a handsome man. But there was a fox in his face. Everyone in the district knew that it was a fox cub.

True matchmaker Qingmei

One day, a student of Cheng, straight out of the clothes, fluttered a maiden of rare beauty. She admitted, however, that she was a fox. The student did not get scared and began to live with her. She gave birth to him a girl who was called Qingmei – Plum.

Only one asked the student: not to marry. She promised to give him a boy in due time. But because of the ridicule of relatives and friends, he could not stand it and mated the girl Van. The fox got angry and left.

Qingmei grew up smart, pretty. She fell into the maid’s house in the house of a certain Van, to his daughter A Si, fourteen years old. They are imbued with mutual sympathy.

In the same city there was a student Zhang, poor, but honest and devoted to the sciences, doing nothing. Qingmei came to his house one day. He sees: Zhang himself eats soup from bran, and for old parents his pork legs are stored; for father, like a small child, walks. She tried to persuade Si to marry him. She feared poverty, but agreed to try to persuade her parents. It did not work.

Then Qingmei herself offered herself to the student. He wanted to take her honor in honor, but was afraid that he did not have enough money. It was then that A’s father, Van, was offered the post of chief of the district. Before leaving, he agreed to give his maid to Zhang’s concubines. Part of the money was taken by Qingmei herself, part of Zhang’s mother collected.

Qingmei led all the household in the house, earned by embroidery, took care of the elderly. Zhang all gave himself to scholarly pursuits. In the meantime, Wang’s wife died in the far western district, then he himself went to court and went bankrupt. The servants fled. Soon the master himself died. And Si remained an orphan, grieved that even bury her parents adequately can not. I wanted to marry someone who would arrange a funeral. She agreed to go even to the concubines, but her husband’s wife drove her away. I had to live at the temple. Only dashing young fellows pestered her with harassment. She even considered whether to put her hands on herself.

One day in the temple, a rich lady with servants sheltered from the storm. It turned out that this is Qingmei. They recognized each other with C, embraced with tears. Zhang, as it turned out, succeeded, became the head of the court chamber. Qingmei immediately began to persuade A Xi to fulfill the destiny of destiny, to marry Zhang. She resisted, but Qingmei insisted. She herself became, as before, faithfully serving the lady. I’ve never been too lazy, I did not pobrezhnichala.

Later Zhang became a minister’s comrade. The emperor with his decree granted both women the title of “mistress”, from both Zhang had children.

Here, the reader, with what bizarre, crooked paths, the virgin, whom the Sky entrusted the device of this marriage!

Red jasper

Old man Feng from Guanpin had only son, Xianzhu. Both the wife and the daughter-in-law died, with everything in the house the father and son managed themselves.

One evening, he saw a neighbor’s girl named Hunyu, a red Jasper. They had secret love. Six months later, my father found out about it, he became very angry. The virgin decided to leave the young man, but at parting persuaded him to woo a girl from the Wei family, who lived in a village nearby. Even silver for him to do this business.

The girl’s father was immersed in silver, and the marriage contract was concluded. The young people have healed in peace and harmony, they have born a boy named Fuer. Nearby local tycoon Sun saw a young woman as a young woman and began to molest her. She refused him. Then his servants broke into the Feng house, beat the old man and Xianzhu, and took the woman with them by force.

The old man did not tolerate humiliation and soon died. The son remained with the boy in his arms. I tried to complain, but I did not achieve the truth. Then it came to him that his wife, without enduring insults, had died. I thought of even slaughtering the offender, but they were guarded, and there was no one to leave the child with.

Somehow a stranger came to him with a mourning visit. Encouraged to persuade to revenge Sun, promised to personally fulfill the plan. A frightened student took his son in his arms and ran away from home. And at night someone slaughtered Sun, his two sons and one of his wives. Accused the student. They removed from him the vestiges of a scientist, a special suit and, well, tortured. He denied it.

The ruler who committed the wrong court woke up at night because a dagger had pierced his bed with an unprecedented force. With fear, he dismissed the student.

The student returned home. Now he was all alone. Where the child is, it is unknown, he was taken away from the unfortunate man. One day someone knocked at the gate. I looked – a woman with a child. He recognized the Red Jasper with his son. He began to question. She admitted that it was not his neighbor’s daughter, but a fox. One night I stumbled into a hollow for a crying child, took him to be brought up.

The student prayed that she would not leave him. Healed together. Red Jashma deftly managed the household, bought a loom, rented the land. It’s time for exams. The student fell for a while: he was deprived of his suit, the vestment of a scientist. But the woman, it turned out, had sent money long ago, so that his name would be restored to the lists. So he passed the exams successfully. But his wife worked hard, exhausted herself with work, but still remained tender and beautiful, as if at twenty.

Wang Cheng and quail

Wang Cheng came from an ancient family, was by nature extremely lazy, so that his estate was deteriorating day by day. Lied with his wife and know each other swore.

It was a hot summer. The villagers – and Van among others – used to spend the night in an abandoned garden. All those who were asleep rose early, only Wang rose when the red sun had already risen, as they say, on three bamboo poles. Once I found in the grass a precious gold pin. Then an old woman suddenly appeared and began to search for a pin. Van, though lazy, but honest, gave her a find. It turned out that the pin was a memory of her deceased husband. He asked his name and realized: it’s his grandfather.

The old woman was also amazed. I admit that she is a fairy-fox. Wang invited the old woman to visit. On the threshold appeared a wife, disheveled, with a face – that a withered vegetable, all black. The economy is in desolation. The old woman suggested that Van deal with the case. She said she had saved a little money, still living with his grandfather. You need to take them, buy a canvas and sell it in the city. I bought Van canvas and went to the city.

On the road, its rain stops. Clothes and shoes are soaked through. He waited, waited and showed up in the city, when the prices for canvas fell. Again Wan waited, but had to sell at a loss. He intended to return home, looked, and money disappeared.

In the city, Van was considering that the organizers of quail fights have a huge profit. Scraped the rest of the money and bought a cage with quail. Then again the rain poured. Day after day, pouring without ceasing. Van watches, and in the cage the only quail remains, the rest have died. It turned out that this is a strong bird, and in battle she was not equal in the whole city. Six months later, Van had already accumulated a lot of money.

As always, on the first day of the new year, the local prince, who was known as a quail lover, began to call the sparrows to his palace. Wang went there too. His quail beat the best princely birds, and the prince set out to buy it. Wang refused for a long time, but at last he bargained for the bird in good health. I returned home with the money.

At home the old woman told him to buy land. Then they erected a new house, furnished it. Healed like a noble nobility. The old woman watched that Wang and his wife were not lazy. Three years later she suddenly disappeared.

Here, it happens, means that wealth is not extracted with one zeal. To know, the point is to preserve the soul in purity, then the sky will have mercy.

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“Liao Zhai’s Stories of the Extraordinary” Pu Sung-lin in Brief Content