Favorite holiday

If I am asked which holiday I like most, I will answer without hesitation – New Year. This is my favorite holiday, because it carries a fairy tale. Everyone knows that this is the only magic holiday in the year. He promises a lot of gifts, winter vacations, fun, fun, going to visit and meeting with friends and relatives. Even at this time show all my favorite movies.

They say that any dreams can come true for the New Year. I, too, believe in it, because when are they yet to come true, if not on New Year’s Eve? Father Frost and Snow Maiden come to us, they give gifts and a good mood. All members of the family are happy and having fun. I have already drawn holiday cards for them, I think they will be pleased.

I dream of getting a dog for the New Year. I had to persuade my parents for a long time and, perhaps, this year they will still give it to her. I really want to have a retriever. These are fine kind dogs, which become true friends of their masters for life. Of course, I understand that this is a great responsibility, but I am ready for this.

Parents from the earliest childhood arranged for me on New Year’s Day a true fairy tale: Dad changed into Santa Claus, we went to New Year’s performances, I was waiting for a lot of surprises. Therefore this holiday became for me the most joyful and long-awaited.

In our school, too, the celebration of the New Year is given great attention. We always have concerts in which everyone can take part, congratulations to each other and teachers. It’s very close. Even before the New Year, we decorate the class: we hang paper snowflakes on the windows, tinsel on the board, and hang posters on the walls, which we ourselves draw.

I can not wait for the New Year! My friends and I will definitely ride on sleds and skates, play snowballs and sculpt snowmen. After all, this holiday is loved not only by me, but also by all my friends.

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Favorite holiday