The composition of Yuon’s painting “Holiday”

Bright and rich picture of K. Yuon “Holiday” is filled with life and inexhaustible energy. The snow has completely melted away and a warm, fair spring day is on the street. The earth has moved away from the winter cold, and the first leaves appear on the trees. The sun is already well baked, and the residents try to leave the house more often and enjoy the long-awaited warmth. Moreover, there is an occasion – a church holiday. Therefore, all people go to the Assumption Cathedral.

The church is flooded with sunlight and this adds even more festive mood. There are a lot of people on the platform near the cathedral. Here is a man standing near the fence and waiting for someone. Someone is already hurrying home, someone just came and goes to church, and someone met a friend whom he had not seen for a long time and stopped to talk. But everyone goes to one place, to the cathedral, where the service, timed to the spring holiday, probably takes place. Go and the rich. and the poor, religion has no such division, before God all people are equal.

Each woman is dressed in a long dress, over which a coat is worn, because it’s not so hot. A headscarf or some other headdress on the head. Men are dressed in suits and caps. All have one goal on this festive day: to visit the cathedral and defend the service. All the coming residents are believers and hope for the Lord God.

KF Yoon drew a picture in an interesting technique. None of the objects have clear outlines. Even the walls of the temple, some fuzzy. Due to such fuzzy outlines, it is felt that the picture is moving. That the spring warm air moves everything and fills with freshness and celebration. The whole picture is filled with warmth, air and sunlight. The artist was able to convey the spring mood, a sense of celebration and the awakening of nature. He also showed the unity of the inhabitants of a provincial town, united by a church holiday.

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The composition of Yuon’s painting “Holiday”