How I spent my holidays

Usually during the summer holidays we go with parents to the sea or to the forest – on a hike. But this year I spent almost a month with my grandmother visiting – in the beautiful village of Vishnevoe.

Grandmother’s village is small, neat. The houses of the villagers are clean, freshly white. Roofs and casing windows, shutters, gates in many decorated with intricate carvings. The fact is that the village is famous for its masters of wood carving – the Kartashov family. Their house is like a fairy-tale hut. It seems that on the windows, doors, even on the fence thrown a thin lace veil – so they look pretty.

Grandmother visited me very early. In another way in the village it does not work out – the day here begins with the first cries of roosters.

My grandmother’s big house, and with my cousin who also came to stay in the village, she helped her with whatever she could: she drank water from the well, cooked breakfast, cooked

food for piglets, tore grass for rabbits. Grandma taught me how to milk a cow and take care of chickens and ducks.

In the morning and in the evening my brother and I watered the garden, because the summer turned out to be arid. Grandma was very pleased with our help and often cooked for dinner or dinner something tasty: roast of potatoes with meat in pots, vareniki with berries, pies with fish.

In my spare time, which we had enough, my brother and I went to the forest. Local guys taught us to distinguish edible mushrooms from poisonous and even showed mushroom places. And how much blueberry was in the forest – apparently invisible!

In the evenings, having rested from a hot day, we met a herd returning from grazing and took our cow, then played with neighbor’s guys in volleyball or just sat on a bench and exchanged news.

Twice my brother and I went to the neighboring village for fishing. There is a small pond where there are carp and ruddings. But my brother with fishing was more lucky than me: he caught a whole bucket of fish. At home we fed small fishes of grandmother’s cats, and I cooked a large fish, and we had a wonderful dinner.

I really liked the village. I learned a lot, had a good rest, I had new friends. Next summer, I would also like to go to my grandmother and spend a whole vacation there.

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How I spent my holidays