The composition on the theme “Summer rest”

So the long-awaited summer came. Three months of rest. Parents decided to spend it not at the dacha, but take me to the sea. So that I get sunburnt and improve my health. Since I do not tolerate the heat

Summer is a very special time. For as long as three months you can forget about the school. What to do in the summer and how to spend time with benefit. Only in summer you can begin to temper the body. For this, bathe in a river, in a pond, under a shower with cool water or in a pool

Each summer is filled with bright events and pleasant memories. Last summer, my father and I went to visit his brother. This trip was a real summer adventure

Summer country nights. Every person who has had the luck to spend a night in the village at least once in his life will never forget these magical memories.

Summer is a wonderful time. I’m always looking forward to this time of the year, as it’s warm in summer, you can walk longer, it’s getting dark later.

I love summer for the fact that at this time of year I have fun: I play with friends, I go with my family to bathe at the sea and have a rest

Everyone says that the most boring days on vacation are when it rains. But I do not agree with this. For me, the most boring day was the hottest. When there was an unbearable stuffiness

I like any child I always look forward to summer with impatience. In summer, life flies quickly, but it is remembered to you more than anything else. My best day was that I first visited the capital’s amusement park

This summer I went to the camp. The voucher was given to my mother at work. When I found out that I was going to the camp, I was very happy. Immediately began to think that I would need in the camp. I decided to take a couple of toy cars

Summer holidays are loved by all schoolchildren: those who do not really like school, and even excellent pupils

Summer is my favorite season. Because every day of summer vacation is filled with bright impressions, new events, interesting acquaintances.

This summer was just wonderful. Almost all the time

I spent at the cottage with my grandmother. She has a German shepherd named Bars in the yard. Even though the dog is a watchdog, it turned out to be very kind to me.

Summer is my favorite season, a wonderful time full of joy and fun! I always spend the warm summer days with pleasure and with pleasure.

Every year, in the summer I go to the village to my grandmother. I spend all summer there. It’s very good there. I have many friends there. And most of all I like to spend time with my horse

What could be more beautiful than a summer walk in the forest? After all, many artists, poets – poems dedicate their paintings to this. Only at this time of year the forest is beautiful in its own way and it seems, it has its own secret.

This summer I spent in my hometown. Every morning I woke up at 8, and sometimes at 9 o’clock in the morning. After breakfast, I spent a lot of time playing soccer and other games in the yard or just running around.

Summer in the village is fresh air, blue sky, fragrant scent of the forest, a variety of delicious berries and mushrooms. I’m looking forward to the hot summer days, to plunge into an unforgettable atmosphere of closeness to nature.

Hooray! Here is the summer. This is the most favorite time of the year, as it is very much waiting for. I was very much looking forward to this vacation, as in the summer there is the opportunity to relax and gain new strength for the next school year

Indian summer I like. Autumn has come, it rains and it’s cold. It’s sad. And then it turns out that they will give you another slice of summer. It’s getting warm and beautiful. The leaves have already turned yellow.

The weather in summer is very warm and sunny. You can go to the river, to the outdoor pool and there to swim

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The composition on the theme “Summer rest”