Composition on the theme of the favorite season of the summer

I’ve always loved summer months more than all the other seasons. It’s a vacation! And the long-awaited hot season comes! No jackets, no sweaty hats! Down with the gloves, which all the time you lose one piece of the pair, and my mother swears!

Go for hours at a time barefoot on hot soil and soft grass, bathe in the river for days on end, wander through the woods: no one will tell you anything. Summer! Freedom! Come on! In the summer even books that were asked to read at school as additional literature are read quickly, with pleasure and easily.

Summer, I always spend in a big and friendly company of my friends. We go out beyond the outskirts of our village, that is, to nature, we invent games and games. We burn fires, make tea in teas with herbs, weave wreaths of flowers, arrange “discos”. Girls bring their glossy magazines, master the dishes according to any unimaginable recipes read there.

I have a friend who plays the guitar well, and another

girl from our company has an excellent hand drum. And I’m singing pretty well. And all of us together arrange a real musical “jam”.

Earlier, when we were less than an age, we built each summer out of cardboard and any other unnecessary material of the house. We settled there homeless cats and dogs, bred there puppies and kittens, for which often received from adults observations.

Now, when we gather in the evenings, then we act more, we have fun on the topic “Selfie”. We play around, make faces in front of cameras, camcorders and telephones. I always tried to use the summer time to the maximum, enjoy it “to the fullest”, as they say. After all, only in the summer there are such starry nights and such romantic evenings.

When I was asked at school to write an essay about my favorite season, I did not hesitate for long. Yes, I like golden autumn, snow-white winter. I also like spring when the trees bloom. But my favorite season is summer!

Especially I love the arrival of summer. It’s high time, when the heat and stuffiness do not yet rule over

the towns and villages. There are many colors around. And even the white “candles” still glow on the chestnuts. In the evenings it is warm, but a fresh breeze is blowing. I do not stay at home, I want to walk, have fun. And people around too feel something like that: everyone has a festive, upbeat mood.

During the summer holidays, you can enjoy life: to travel, swim on the beach, play football, basketball or badminton, ride a bike. There is a lot of time to read books that you want, not just the school curriculum. There is time to sit around at the computer, but this is not worth pursuing. After all, there is a beautiful time of the year in the yard, you can not lose a minute!
Of course, in the summer it is often hot and stuffy, especially in a big dusty city. But I do not want to trade this heat for winter colds! I do not want to get into my sheepskin coat and boots!

Summer I like not only because in the summer I rest on vacation. At this time of year nature is so generous with gifts: vegetables, fruits, berries. The first cherry will sail. Then a dark sweet cherry ripens, and then. Red-bellied apples, grapes, plums. True, I love summer for the fact that among other seasons it is the most generous to us!

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Composition on the theme of the favorite season of the summer