Composition on the theme of the spring forest

Composition on “Spring in the Forest”

Spring. The most beautiful time of the year. And, although many, for some reason, like summer more, I love spring. The first warm rays of the sun. The sound of running water from under the melted snow. Singing of the returned birds. And just a good spring mood.

Many during winter colds fall into a certain depression. All of them are bad, nothing works, no mood, and so on. And with the first rays of the sun, quietly everything starts to improve. For a start, the mood just improves, you can not look without a smile at the warm and bright rays of the sun. And when you start to smile, everything around you gets better and brighter. The problems are no longer so serious, many new ideas, opportunities. It seems that with the advent of spring a new life begins. Not only nature revives, but humanity as well. All become more affable and joyful.

Most of all, I love the time when the earth is already drying up and warming up.

The grass will turn green. And the first flowers will appear. How beautiful it is then in the forest. Not yet entering the forest, this fresh smell, filled with spring, is already felt. The birds singing all over the forest. They are just as happy for spring as all life. At last their home. And what beauty grows on the earth. From under the dry leaves, not yet had time to infest fresh grass, you can see small white bells of snowdrops. There are so many of them that there is not even a place to go. It seems that in the forest there is still snow and is not going to melt from the sun, but rather just dissolve in front of him. You stand in this beauty and try as much as possible, with a full breast to inhale these aromas. So you want to breathe, to feel their presence for a long time.

Each time of the year is beautiful in its own way, but for me it is more beautiful and brighter than spring, there is nothing. Nature in the spring shoes with such colors and smells that she does not want to part with. Only the thought of going to the forest and seclusion from nature.

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Composition on the theme of the spring forest