Composition on the theme of summer holidays

Summer holidays from all school holidays I like most, because they are the longest and fall in the summer. Summer is one of the best seasons of the year, which provides many options for spending time. You can walk all day in the street, not sit at home. Go to the sea, the lake, the river. Enjoying the nature.

I still like summer vacations, because the sun rises early and comes late. The days are very long and the nights are warm. You can go outside in the evening and admire the sunset. After the sun goes down, it’s nice to sit or walk along the street, enjoying the warm air, listen to crickets and admire the night starry sky.

During the summer holidays you can play various sports games: football, volleyball. You can just walk and admire the beauty of the summer, as trees and flowers bloom. In summer, many people go to the sea, the river, swim, sunbathe, have fun. Summer vacations are one of the most favorite holidays among schoolchildren.

Composition of

how I spent my summer vacation

This summer, I spent the summer holidays as productive and useful as possible. I did not just sit all day at the computer, the TV, I just went to the street. I helped my parents around the house. He asked them to give me an assignment and did it diligently.

In the middle of summer, I spent my summer vacation in the country with my grandparents. At them I tried in every possible way to help them around the house, the garden, the au pair. He fed the dog, cat, chicken. I tried to behave well and not to spoil the grandfather and grandmother’s spirits. They were pleased with me and tried to please me in everything. They asked me what to buy and gave me presents.

At the end of summer, I spent my summer vacation in the camp in the forest near the lake. I liked it there very much. Fresh air, beauty of the forest, warm water of the lake. In the camp, I met and became friends with boys and girls. The camp was very interesting, because every day was filled with a lot of events. During the day we went to the lake, to the forest, we collected mushrooms. In the evening we watched cartoons or films, danced in discos. This summer I really liked how I spent my summer vacation. I think that the academic year will be interesting, and I will try to hold it useful for myself and the people around me.

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Composition on the theme of summer holidays