The composition on the theme of the meaning of human life

What is the meaning of life? Many people, many generations, thought about this philosophical question, but no definite answer was found. The fact is that each person has his own position, which mainly depends on the perception of life, values ​​and much more.

There are so many opinions, for someone the meaning of life is fun, for someone a family. My position is this: the purpose of a person’s life is to achieve goals, arrange life, which in the future will help bring something good and useful to the treasury of the world. I will prove my point of view with the help of several arguments.

First, throughout his life, a person sets himself a variety of goals that help develop, settle down in life: finish school, go to college, read a large book or jump with a parachute. All these goals constitute the life of man, and the meaning of it is the fulfillment of dreams, the achievement of the desired. As it seems to me, from any side it turns out. that the meaning of a

person’s life for his purposes, he lives for their fulfillment, even if he himself does not notice. For example, for the sake of fulfilling one or another goal, dreams, a person spends his time, and sometimes longer periods of life. Could this not be proof?

Secondly, among the society there are people called altruists. These are the individuals who are willing to sacrifice for the sake of others. It is important for such people to help those who need their help. The meaning of the life of such “heroes” is to bring as much benefit as possible in their lives. This desire is not accompanied by self-interest. Just to do more good, altruists set goals, achieve them. If you equip your life, then others will be able to provide stable assistance. Everything is interconnected.

This question can be considered even on the example of the famous cosmonaut Alexei Leonov. Go to space, it was his dream, which turned into the meaning of life. After problems with the unmanned ship, the launch of the main was decided to be postponed. A. Leonov was not going to retreat, he went to the dream for a long time. Despite the high risk, A. Leonov, together with P. Belyaev, successfully completed the assignment and returned heroes of the Soviet Union. If a person is not afraid to lose a life for the sake of a dream, then it is the meaning of his life.

Thus, my point of view is correct, the meaning of a person’s life in fulfilling dreams, achieving goals that are not only important in life, but also bring good. I would like to add that the meaning of life should be something important.

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The composition on the theme of the meaning of human life