Composition on the theme of Journey

In our time, traveling has become much easier. Now there are several types of transport that will take a person anywhere. Many people like to travel, and they try to do this as often as possible. Travel – it’s not just visits to other countries, because you can travel through your country, getting acquainted with the cities and their sights.

As a rule, to go to another country, you have to fly by plane. This is the fastest transport, but the tickets are not cheap. In addition, there are people who are afraid to panic on an airplane and they will have to choose another type of transport. The train is slower than the airplane and it is convenient to travel around the country on it. Sitting in the compartment, you can look at the landscapes of the native country that are passing through the windows. Many people on the train get new acquaintances and even friends. On the road you can always find what to do to make time pass by unnoticed.

There are people who prefer to travel by car. This type of transport is more convenient. At any time you can stop for a rest and a snack in the roadside cafe. If you want, you can view every city that comes across on the way and is photographed near the sights. Then after the journey there will be a lot of photos reminding of those cities where there was a person. Bus tours are also common. A person can get acquainted with various monuments and other sights, and learn a lot of new things.

Most of the time for traveling appears during the holidays. People try to have a rest on a maximum, after all such opportunity falls out once a year. Of course, some prefer to stay at home, but travel allows you to learn a lot of new things and really relax. I hope that when I have my own family, we will have the opportunity to travel together. Then our life will be full of impressions and joyful moments.

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Composition on the theme of Journey