Composition about the New Year

A charming composition about the New Year reminds us of the approach of New Year’s holidays and real magic that will make us a little kinder, wiser and happier. Every child and even an adult dreams of finding a cherished gift under the Christmas tree, about which he dreamed all the previous year. Everyone gathers at the festive table to say goodbye to the past and meet the future.

The most family, warm and joyful holiday is the New Year. Every person is waiting for the New Year’s magic. Many believe that New Year’s Eve fulfills all desires. Especially the children are waiting for this holiday, because it is to them Grandfather Frost brings many interesting gifts. People send New Year cards to their relatives and friends, and also make surprises to each other.

The whole city is preparing for this magical holiday. Winter streets are decorated with colorful garlands and flags. Everywhere there is a ringing of bells. New Christmas trees are dressed in the

houses, which together with Father Frost and Snow Maiden are the most important symbols of the New Year. Confused beads of beads, in festive tinsel and sparkling orbs, they flaunt in every family. On the top of the head are necessarily bright stars.

Children diligently write to Santa Claus their requests for gifts, which they would like to receive. They believe that Grandfather Frost and his granddaughter Snow Maiden come from the forest on a sleigh harnessed by a pair of frisky horses. All with passion are preparing for the long-awaited holiday. Guys make themselves costumes of various fairy-tale characters and forest animals. Children tell Grandfather Frost and the Snow Maiden a poem, sing songs, lead roundelays at the dressed New Year beauty tree, for which they receive well-deserved presents from Father Frost.

Celebrating the New Year does not end there, but continues in the family circle. December 31 the whole family gathers together at the festive table. Another plus of the New Year is that this is the most delicious holiday with different dishes. All the people are eagerly awaiting midnight, when the

chimes begin with real fun. At these very moments, holding their breath, everyone makes a wish. It is very important to believe that they will undoubtedly come true.

Everyone starts to congratulate each other, to wish health, happiness and success. After all, the New Year is a universal fairy-tale holiday. He gives us all faith in something new, bright and interesting. Everything bad, old and unnecessary, remains in the past year. Early in the morning, each child finds a welcome gift under the Christmas tree and regrets that once again he accidentally oversaw the visit of Grandfather Frost.

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Composition about the New Year