Writing how I spent my holidays

For the whole school year, we have holidays four times. Spring and autumn last only a week and at this time of year nothing special will do. I either just go out with friends, or we go out of town, if the weather permits. When parents have time, then we go to the dacha, to barbecue. At this time there are often rains, so it happens that it takes a few days just to sit at home playing computer games. While studying for games, there is little time left, and you can play during the holidays.

Winter holidays last two weeks, and at the same time, New Year and Christmas are just falling out. Parents also rest for a few days, and we go to the forest for shish kebabs or skiing. With friends we like to run to the skating rink, where we can skate all the evening without tire. In general, during the winter holidays there is always something to do, the only negative is when the weather is cold and the snowstorm is cold. Then you have to stay at home.

But the most favorite holidays are summer holidays. Not only that they last three months, so it’s warm in the street and in the summer you can find a lot of classes. With friends, we often play football, volleyball and basketball. There are days when we go out of town to rest from the city. In the summer, I often help my parents at the dacha. There’s always a lot of work and they do not always have time to do everything. In addition, in the summer I go to visit my grandmother, who sometimes happens, I need my help.

In general, I love all the holidays, because it’s an opportunity to relax from school, from which it can be very tired. I will always find something to do, so that time will not pass in vain. Vacations are a great time to get acquainted with interesting places, go to the cinema or go somewhere. All my classmates are eagerly waiting for a vacation to do what they do not have enough time during their studies. It’s good that our schools have vacations four times a year.

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Writing how I spent my holidays