The composition on the theme “Elderly people”

Throughout the world, especially in developed countries, the population is aging, the percentage of people of retirement age is increasing. And not always the state is able to ensure the life of the elderly. We see this in our own country, in Ukraine. Well, of course, when grandparents live in a family of adult children, when there are grandchildren. Or if the old people live separately, but somewhere nearby. And they have fewer material problems, and – most importantly – they feel they are still necessary, they help with both deed and a kind word.

This is the most important thing. Often, not material problems are borne by the elderly most painfully, but a sense of abandonment, abandonment. But they were as young as we are today. With their labor, everything that our society has achieved is connected. They created the foundation of these achievements. The houses in which we live. Roads for which we go. And they, like us, made friends and fell in love, built families,

raised children. Without this, both our parents and ourselves would simply not exist.

Time takes its toll. Old people and strength are not the same, and health is failing. But there is knowledge and a vast life experience. Sometimes we take offense at excessive teachings, we can not patiently listen to the advice of elders, we think that they do not understand anything about our problems. Perhaps it’s not always easy for older people to keep up with the modern rhythm of life. But they want us good! Well, we must be patient, even if the advice is not the most successful.

For example, I am very friendly with my grandmother. She interestingly tells about her youth, which fell on difficult post-war years. Describes how she studied and worked, how she met her future husband – my grandfather. How they were born a long-awaited first-born – my father, and then his little sister. My grandmother is still helping with housework, and I get advice on literature, if necessary. Let her remain so vigorous for many more years, but if one year will take her and bring her health, will we consider her a burden, do not we support or be surrounded by care?

It’s too early for me to think about old age, it’s somehow funny. But all people once cease to be young. Is it right to expect from other cares and participation the one who himself in his youth deprived them of the elderly?

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The composition on the theme “Elderly people”