New Year’s composition

New Year’s is my favorite family holiday. All our friendly family is going together, dad, mom, grandmother and me. Preparing for the holiday, we begin in advance. For this we choose the most beautiful and furry tree. We decorate it together and we necessarily hang garlands. The windows are decorated with snowflakes, which we make ourselves. It is very interesting and fun to make Christmas toys with your own hands. The house sparkles, it smells of tangerines and a tree. The mood immediately rises and the approach of the holiday is felt.

Mom and grandmother prepare different dishes for the New Year’s table. A special treat in our house is a goose baked with apples and certainly not a cake. On New Year’s Eve, guests come to us with congratulations. I help my mother and grandmother beautifully set the table and arrange meals.

It is customary in our family to give gifts in the new year. I make gifts with my own hands and put them under the Christmas tree, so that parents and grandmother open them in the morning. I, too, look forward to the morning, to receive a gift, which I very much look forward to. On New Year’s Eve exactly at 12 o’clock we listen to the president’s congratulations with the whole family and make sure we make the most secret desires that should surely come true this year!

After the battle of the chimes we go out into the street and fireworks and fireworks are launched, we congratulate all passers-by and congratulate ourselves. A friendly company we return home and continue to celebrate and have fun. We play funny games, guess charades, watch New Year’s concerts and dance. Ahead of the winter holidays, skating on the rink, sledges, playing snowballs!

We with parents are obligatory in New Year’s holidays get out on winter walks in a wood, we go for a drive with all family on skis. And we also go to visit friends and have fun. I’m looking forward to this holiday!

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New Year’s composition