Composition on the theme of a family holiday

It is very important that a person has a home, a family, people who are waiting and loving him. My name is Yulia Mamaeva. I study in 8 “B” class of school № 6 in the city of Kansk. I want to tell about my family.

There are six people in my family. We live very amicably. The oldest one is our grandmother. She leads the family. She, like Noah in the ark, watches where our family ship carries, and does not let him drown. We all love and respect her. We listen to Dad and consult with him. Mom also listen and love.

We celebrate holidays and family celebrations very happily. Together with the sisters we organize concerts. We have been attending a music school since early childhood, playing various musical instruments, so we have the opportunity to demonstrate our talents. The best and at the same time the most strict viewers are members of our family. In their eyes, we read admiration and pride for their children. I am grateful to them for the fact that they instilled in us a love for music and art in general.

We celebrate holidays very much. For every holiday on the table a lot of different dishes. This is primarily the merit of the grandmother. We talk and talk with my mother in the evenings, and sometimes we even embroider and knit. We help Daddy with household chores. For example, get out of the fence or help repair the car. Our family is very friendly, everyone values ​​and respects each other.

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Composition on the theme of a family holiday