The composition on the theme “New Year is my favorite holiday”

In the world there are a lot of holidays that give fun and joy. The very concept of a holiday is an atmosphere of happiness, but my favorite is a holiday called “New Year”! I will give an explanation of my preference in several arguments.

This holiday has its own special charm. What is it manifested in? In my opinion, this is all the familiar fuss, when you need to set the table, dress up, collect gifts under the tree. Speaking of the Christmas tree: the process when the whole family dresses it, too, makes its contribution to that charm. Brilliant and ringing Christmas tree toys, a strange and even funny smell of tinsel, and the smell of a Christmas tree is a real miracle.

Speaking of miracles. New Year is a storehouse of magic. A festive night is a time when you really believe that all desires can be fulfilled. The best thing is that the New Year gives a fairy tale to both adults and children: adults remember their dreams, move away from everyday worries and

enjoy the mysterious atmosphere of the holiday. On this wonderful day, everything seems to be unusual, fabulous, even snow, which all the time was lost in the hectic days. On New Year’s Eve he was somehow radiant, as if nature showered the earth with magic dust.

You can speak endlessly about the merits of the holiday, but the most important thing is that on New Year’s Eve all close, loving people get together. New Year brings together a lot of people around the world, is this not true happiness? The whole family sits at a festive table, at the same table, in which, in ordinary life, perhaps they do not come together. People who live far from each other at last meet. New Year is a holiday of long-awaited meetings, love, joy.

Of course, you can not say about gifts. However, I love the New Year, not because I have the opportunity to receive them, but because I can give them. What joy comes at a time when the native person opens the gift and a sincere smile appears on his face. Such a smile is the highest price in life.

New Year is my favorite holiday, because it combines happiness and magic, fun and communication. It is a holiday that combines all the best.

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The composition on the theme “New Year is my favorite holiday”