Composition on the theme “Christmas”

In all countries of the world people celebrate Christmas. For the believers it’s the birthday of Jesus Christ, for atheists – one of the New Year’s holidays. Despite the different attitude to religion, in every country there are traditions that are observed during the celebration of Christmas. I want to tell you about the Christmas traditions in Russia.

This bright holiday is customary to meet in a clean house, so the preparation begins in advance. In the house floors are washed, windows are cleaned. Gifts for the family, sweets and treats for guests are bought in advance.

Before Christmas, you must return your debts. It is believed that if you return everything that was borrowed earlier – your family will live happily and happily all year round.

On Christmas day, the hostess starts preparing holiday treats. Total on the Christmas table should be 12 dishes. The main one is kutya. From her begin a festive feast, and then go to other treats.

The holiday begins to celebrate in the evening, when the first star appeared in the sky. This symbolizes the birth of Jesus Christ. Guests and owners of the house congratulate each other, give gifts, sing songs, dance.

The main attribute of the holiday is a decorated Christmas tree. It is needed not only to find a gift under it. Decoration of a Christmas tree is an old family tradition. All members of the family must take part and dress this beautiful beauty. And on a holiday around the tree, dance is played.

There is another interesting tradition. On Christmas Eve, people dressed in carols can sing at the door of the house. Christmas carols are special Christmas songs. It is believed that carols – this is both a guard, and a small sermon, and joy from the birth of a savior. Singers are invited to treat sweets – to thank for the joyous news.

This is how Christmas is celebrated in Russia from ancient times!

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Composition on the theme “Christmas”