Holidays in the USA

In the US, as in any country in the world, there are holidays.

Under the US Constitution, the government has no right to set holiday (weekend) days for the whole country, therefore officially in the US there are no national holidays. In fact, such are all federal holidays. Their eleven – ten annual and one, which is celebrated every four years.

In addition to federal, there are a number of state holidays, as well as unofficial, but nevertheless loved and celebrated by many people holidays (more about them).

Laying wreaths on Veterans Day at Arlington Cemetery in Washington DC

Federal Holidays United States

Parade in honor of Columbus Day on Fifth Avenue in New York

Federal holidays in the USA are holidays, stipulated by the federal legislation of the USA and obligatory for all governmental institutions.

If the holiday falls on a Saturday, then the previous Friday is for federal employees a day off; if on Sunday – the weekend

is next Monday.

As a rule, the rules of the weekend of Monday after the holiday on Sunday adhere to the majority of states and private enterprises. To a lesser extent, non-governmental organizations follow the Friday-Friday rule before the holiday on Saturday.

The traditional end of the winter holiday season.

The third Monday of January

Martin Luther King Day

Day of Remembrance of a prominent public figure, African rights activist, Nobel Peace Prize winner Martin Luther King. The holiday is timed to the birthday of Martin King – January 15.

January 20 (or January 21, if January 20 is Sunday)

Day of the inauguration (oath) and the inauguration of the newly elected President of the United States.

The day off at federal employees of Washington and adjoining districts of the states of Maryland and Virginia.

The only US holiday, celebrated once every four years.

Third Monday of February

George Washington’s Birthday

Celebration of the birthday of George Washington, the first President of the United States (February 22).

Often this holiday is called the “Day of Presidents”, it is considered the day of celebration of all Presidents of the United States of America.

Last Monday in May

Initially, this day was dedicated to Americans who died during the Civil War in the United States. After the First World War, it became a day of remembrance of all those killed in the service of American soldiers.

Informal beginning of the summer season.

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Holidays in the USA