My birthday

I like to celebrate all sorts of holidays. It seems that these are some unusual days, in which something interesting will happen. In general, my favorite holiday is the New Year, because it is celebrated by all people, everywhere the festive atmosphere. A birthday is an individual holiday, in which only the birthday person and his relatives participate.

Earlier, when I was little, my mom was organizing my birthday. She invited my godmothers, grandmothers and grandfathers, brothers and sisters, prepared a festive table, came up with various contests and entertainments. And I always baked a big cake with cream and chocolate, in which I inserted colorful candles.

But for a couple of years, I’ve been organizing my birthday. Now I’m more interested in celebrating with my friends. So parents congratulate me in the morning, and then we meet with friends in my room and just talk or play games. My mother and I no longer prepare a whole mountain of dishes, but choose something original that you do not eat every day. This reinforces the atmosphere of the uniqueness of this day.

I like to celebrate my birthday with my friends, because we always have fun together. We laugh most of the time, and what funny pictures are obtained when we dress up in ridiculous suits!

I like to receive gifts for my birthday. Besides, I do not care how much the gift is useful and expensive. I’m wondering what people are choosing for me, it shows how they see me. On my holiday, there are always only dear people to me, so for me there are no bad gifts. It’s their attention!

I hope that many years later, close people will gather for each of my birthday, and this day will always seem to me unusual and full of pleasant surprises.

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My birthday