My summer holidays

Each of us is waiting for the summer. For many, summer is a favorite season, primarily because summer is the biggest holiday. Who does not dream of sunbathing, to swim in plenty, or maybe just relax from the school bustle. As soon as the spring sun warms up, we are already making plans for the future about how we will spend the summer holidays. We all can not wait to finish school quickly and hear the last school bell.

On the one hand, it’s sad to leave for several months with school friends. But on the other hand, the warmth, the sun, the good mood, the thought that we have a lot of free time and you can walk as much as you want, makes us so happy that we think only of one thing: that the holidays come quickly.

Differently spend their holidays guys. Some rest with their parents at sea, others – with relatives in the village or at the dacha. Some stay at home. But wherever we are, it’s still a summer vacation – it’s a wonderful unforgettable

time. It’s a rest. The main thing is to spend this time with benefit, so that there is something to remember about the next year. Some believe that in the summer it is necessary to go somewhere far away from their native city.

Of course, we associate the summer with the warm sea, exotic nature. Who does not want to soak up the sand, swim, play on the waves! Some people like to rest away from the city’s bustle and leave for the city, where you can swim in a clean river or lake, lie in a shade under a tree, enjoy singing birds. During the summer holidays you can have a good rest and at home. River, cottage, help to parents, walks in the park, picnics with friends. Is it possible to refuse this?

Among my friends there are many who like to travel. Being in different cities and countries, people learn a lot of new, interesting. I like to travel too. And if the parents have the opportunity, we go to those cities that were not yet. Our dream is to visit Prague and Paris. I know that this dream will come true, and we will wander the streets of Prague and admire the beautiful Paris. But we are sure that

in our country there are also many places that can not leave anyone indifferent. “My corner of Russia is nice – my good father’s house”, – wrote E. Sheveleva.

Probably, each of us has a favorite corner, a favorite place that we like to visit. My family and I often go out of town in the summer and have a rest in nature. Nature for us is not only a resting place, but also a source of inspiration and strength. Imagine a hot July day. Who wants to sit in the apartment in this weather? So we set off for the whole family for a few days outside the city. We rest, bathe, listen to the singing of birds, the murmur of the creek, we admire the flowers. Summer is difficult to imagine without flowers. And flowers are always a holiday for a person. With them comes joy and a good mood.

“I want so much so that the summer does not end.” Did you notice that this song often sounds in the summer? Probably, many would like that longer this fine weather lasts, so that the summer mood does not leave us all year round. But the Indian summer will please us with the last warm days, and the vacation, unfortunately, will go away with the summer. Let’s not be upset, because we are waiting for a meeting with friends, with whom we will share our impressions, plans for the future and together we will wait for a new summer.

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My summer holidays