“Winter Holidays” essay

The first morning of my vacation began with a delicious breakfast prepared by my mother. Then we went with friends to the ice rink, they sell very tasty hot chocolate. We skated for a long time until we were exhausted. But it was very fun, we laughed heartily. The next day my muscles hurt a little, but these are trifles.

I also went with my father out of town to go skiing and rubber circles. Rushing on them from the mountain is very fun and a little scary. The speed caught my breath and I could not help shouting and laughing. And in the evenings I played with my little sister and sometimes sat on the Internet, watching funny videos or communicating with friends. Before going to bed, I read something.

When my mother and father had a day off, we went to the cinema with the whole family. We watched an interesting cartoon there and ate delicious popcorn. And then my mother took me and her sister to the puppet theater. There there was a cheerful representation “Masha and a bear” on a modern cartoon. After that, we went to a cafe where everyone got a great tasty ice cream with nuts and a milkshake.

Among other things, the winter holidays are also a New Year’s holiday. We met him in the family circle. A large table was laid and a Christmas tree was decorated. At midnight we went out and started fireworks there. My sister and I were even allowed not to go to bed, and we had fun and played until dawn. From the bed, we got up next day about lunch, and under the Christmas tree there were gifts already.

At Christmas we went to the village to visit our grandparents. They fed us delicious pies and pancakes. There we all day long walked in the open air, skiing and sledging, and also built a huge snowman.

My winter holidays were just fine. Where I just have not been. Walked with friends and just rested!

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“Winter Holidays” essay