Composition on the theme of hooray holidays

The school year is coming to an end and all thoughts are only about vacations. The last days with their lessons and assessments are receding into the background – ahead of summer! As the biggest and most joyful holiday pupils are waiting for the summer holidays. This in fact can be considered a holiday. After all, three wonderful warm months can be devoted only to their desires. This is the time when there is no need to get up in the morning, unless, of course, there is no desire to go fishing. Meetings with friends will not be overshadowed by unlearned lessons. Instead of school textbooks, you can study your favorite works. The trip to the guests will become, by the way, in these months. In addition to friends in your hometown, you can visit those who live in the village, if any. And you can pay a visit to my grandmother. In the village everything is different from the city. And nature, and air and even time – everything is different there.

And what a beauty around.

The nature blossomed in full force. Around where do not look green. Trees are dressed in beautiful foliage, and in the hot time of the day you can hide in their shade. Under the feet of soft grass, which is nice to go barefoot. And how beautiful the river glistens under the sun’s rays. It seems as if the entire surface of the river is strewn with precious stones. Pleasantly caressing the sound of singing birds. The sky is brightly blue, not clouded by clouds. Only white light clouds float on it lazily. And the hot sun, which warms everything around with its warmth.

A lot of interesting entertainment – all this is a summer vacation. At this time, parents will not prohibit long games with friends. Therefore, you can drive the ball as long as you like. And you can get together with your girlfriends in the summer holidays and start sewing. For example, update your wardrobe to your dolls. Or do weaving jewelry from beads. Communication with friends in these months is very much. And most importantly, no one is calling for lessons.

If the game is boring in the yard, then you can go to the river. This

is the charm of a warm summer vacation. At will, you can go swimming. The lake or the river is very refreshing. And on the shore you can find interesting pebbles or seashells. And if you’re lucky, you can swim in the sea. I want to swim all day long, and there is absolutely no desire to leave the cool water. Water simply attracts a magnet to itself. And small waves splash about the shore, as if they are still calling for splashing. Joyful laughter of friends will cheer up and give a charge of cheerfulness. On the beach you can play a ball or build a sand castle. And you can just lie down on the bedspread and sunbathe.

And in the summer you can go to the forest. A trip to nature will please even the most novice tourists. How many interesting things can you see while walking through the forest. You can watch the insects, which there are many. And in the evening, when the sun is at sunset, you can make a fire. And watch as a lot of sparks fly up. When it’s completely dark, these sparks will look like stars. Watch how the fire burns for a very long time. And you can lie on your back and admire the diamond placers of stars in the night sky. The stars are connected in constellations and some of them are immediately visible.

Summer holidays have just come and still a very long time ahead. But actually it is not. You understand this when the warm months have flown by and it’s time to go back to school. At such a time, you remember how many plans were built at the very beginning of the summer vacation. How many things I wanted to do. Where I wanted to go. In general, there were a lot of plans and ideas. But it all seemed like three months – it’s very long and it will be all right. And here time, and the summer has flown by. And so many did not have time. And I did not have enough time to spend a lot of time and to run with my friends. It seems that we went to hikes, but we planned one more and did not have time – the summer was over.

Warm sunny days of summer vacations are replaced by autumn school days. But in fact the summer has not passed irrevocably. The school year will pass, and the holidays will begin again with their joyful atmosphere of real happiness. And for so long the expectations will be to reassure the memories of the past summer. After all three months leave a bright trace of impressions. And not only memories can stay. You can keep the shell from the river, on the shore which so often rested.

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Composition on the theme of hooray holidays