Composition on Deineka’s painting “Future Pilots”

The paintings of Alexander Deineka are distinguished by the brightness of the images and an interesting plot. One of these paintings is his painting titled “Future Pilots”. When I look at this picture, I immediately become warmer from the sun, which is flooded with it.

The picture shows a warm summer day in one of the resort towns, where the warm sea is splashing – blue and boundless. Somewhere far in the sea a small white boat splashes, and in a clear and clear sky a plane flies. And the whole picture from the quay looks two boys and an older man. It can be seen that they had just bathed in the sea and are now sitting on the shore drying in the sun.

But when the airplane appeared in the sky, the faces of tourists rushed to him and it was this moment that the artist tried to capture. The boys closely follow the movements of the plane, and according to the gesture of the man we can assume that he is also a pilot and at this moment tells the children how to fly the plane, shares his memories of how he flew.

And at this moment the boys, perhaps for the first time, realize that they also want to become pilots. They listen to the man, look at the plane, the sky and the sea, which extends so far that they can not even imagine it, and they also want to take off on an airplane and go off into the distance. They now also want to feel the happiness of flying, to see the unknown countries, to see what is there – beyond the horizon!

I think it’s no accident the artist painted two boys sitting on the beach, with no clothes. Thus, he showed us the purity of the children’s dreams, the fact that they want to become pilots not because of wealth or fame, but simply at the behest of the soul. As a matter of fact, you also need to choose your profession, not under the pressure of your parents or wanting to receive a lot of money from her, but because the heart lies with this work.

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Composition on Deineka’s painting “Future Pilots”