The composition of Levitan’s painting “Birch Grove”

Levitan is a well-known Russian artist who impresses with his skill for many years, his name has always been and will be heard. He accurately conveys the image of nature, that his pictures can not be torn off. His paintings attract the viewer, they want to see at home. They always cheer up and energize. They feel pride in nature, boundless love for nature.

Birch is a real folk tree, the people have always admired her beauty and gracefulness singing all this in songs, poems, pictures. The picture shows a warm and sunny summer day. The whole picture is filled with greenery and light, the greenery of different shades admire and soothe the viewer, here and light shades and the darkest shades that harmoniously blend. Thin and flexible birch mills are so graceful as the waist of girls, they flex differently, giving their appearance even greater charm.

The juiciness and brightness of colors distinguishes this picture, there is a feeling that you are not looking at the picture,

but on a real grove. Looking at her, you hear the birds’ chirping, and you feel the summer fragrance of flowers and grass, butterflies begin to fly in your imagination, you want to find strawberries among dense grass.

We do not see either sky or black earth, only greenery is the main object that the artist depicts. In the clearing grows a lot of different colors, here and white, and red and blue shades. Their different aroma is in the air and the connection is so fragrant that the fragrance is felt throughout the grove. It can be seen that the author of the picture admires nature, he depicts it with special tenderness and love. How accurately painted the game of sunlight and shadows! Everything is so natural and accurate that it is hard for the modern viewer to believe that this is a picture, not a photograph.

The picture causes exceptionally positive emotions, you feel the joy of summer, a light breeze, warm sun rays. Such a picture will warm in the cold winter, hint at the approaching summer in the spring, in the summer it will cheer up and there will be a desire to walk in such a grove, and in the autumn will give hope for a warm summer.

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The composition of Levitan’s painting “Birch Grove”