The composition of Lutfullin’s painting “Three Women”

Ahmat Lutfullin is an outstanding Bashkir artist who in pictures tries to convey all love to his Motherland and his people. According to critics, the best of these paintings is the painting “Three Women”, written in 1969.

In this picture, as can be seen even from the title, three women are dressed in traditional clothes who are going to drink tea. The decoration of the room where they sit is not rich, and even the food itself does not shine with abundance – bread, tea and milk. This is the usual snack of female peasant women, which allows them to gain strength in order to continue their hard domestic work.

It is only the attention of the audience that is primarily drawn not to food, not to clothes and not to the decoration of the room. Attention to everyone who looks at the painting, riveted to the three characters of the canvas, each of which symbolizes one of the generations of the family.

In the center of the picture is the oldest of women. She

has worked hard, has seen many different things on her way, much has learned – joy and sorrow, ups and downs. But she could stand through the storms of life and now the wisdom of the past years shines in her eyes, because of what she is rightly considered the head of this family.

A mature woman is sitting at her right hand, who has already understood a lot in this life, but she also has to learn as much. And on the left hand of the head of the family is a very young woman, who still has her whole life ahead of her. It is not by chance that the artist painted a room flower beside her, because she is so like him-naive, full of strength and faith in herself and her beauty.

And behind the window of the room are painfully familiar and native landscapes of the artist, the boys ride their bicycles on their own business, and life goes on as usual – peacefully and slowly. This picture Lutfullin tries to show us that life will never stand still, generations will replace each other, but the most important in the life of each of us will always be a family.

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The composition of Lutfullin’s painting “Three Women”