Painting Grabar “Goalkeeper”

In front of me is a picture of the artist Grigoriev “Goalkeeper”. It shows a football match. Sport is life, movement, emotions, and this is what we see on the canvas. This picture can now be seen in the original in the Tretyakov Gallery.

In the foreground in front of us is a boy who stands at the gate. There were no real gates for the boys, but they found a way out, they decided to use their school bags. Probably, they waited a long time for the end of lessons, and when they ran out faster they ran to play their favorite game. The protagonist of the picture is, of course, the goalkeeper. Despite the fact that he is not depicted in the center of the picture, he rivet the viewer’s eyes.

The goalkeeper is assembled, stands in a confident pose, waits for the ball, he is so concentrated that it seems no ball will enter his goal. The guy is dressed in a sports shirt, old shorts and sneakers, he has protective gloves on his hands. We do not see who exactly gives

him the ball, we do not see other players, apparently this guy attracted the artist. His skill and talented game. Behind our goalkeeper is his coeval – a boy in a bright suit, he is interested in the ongoing game and he watches with pleasure, dreaming of taking part in it.

In the background, we see a log with fans and spectators. Who here only is not present! Here, the girls who have not yet managed to run home after school and stand in school uniform, and the boys who were not taken into the game, little kids, even someone’s dad came to look at the game of his son and watches with interest the progress of the game. By clothes and yellow leaves on the ground, we can say that the beginning of the fall is already in the yard, the children are warmly dressed, only the goalkeeper is quite easily dressed, he is not afraid of the cold. Behind them we see at home, nor indistinctly spelled out by the author.

This picture shows us an excellent game of football, which modern boys began to forget, now it is more interesting for them to sit at the computer. We need to carefully consider the picture, I’m sure that it will awaken their desire to go out into the yard and kick the ball.

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Painting Grabar “Goalkeeper”