How we worked in the garden

My grandmother has a dacha: a plot of land of six hundred, on it – a house, a garden and a garden. All this is small, but there are many different vegetables, fruit-berry trees and shrubs growing there. There is enough work for everyone.

Once on a Sunday summer day, my whole family – my mother, father, sister and I – went to the country house to help my grandmother and relax from the dusty and gassy city. The weather turned out to be warm, without rain, and we had a great time.

In the beginning, everyone went to the garden to weed. My grandmother instructed me to clear the weeds and “along the way” to thin the carrots. Jewelry is a job, I tell you.

But nothing, I managed. The youngest sister sheds onions, mother – garlic, Papa hoeed potatoes. Then we poured the whole garden: some vegetables under the root of a ladle, but most of them – a hose. That’s when everyone had fun! A stream of water from time to time “accidentally” was directed to one of us, and then there were exclamations, laughter, and even screaming.

In the evening we picked berries: currants, raspberries, gooseberries. Got fed! After all, most of the berries were not in buckets and cans, but directly into the mouth. Especially we tried with my sister.

The day passed perfectly. Everyone’s mood was upbeat. “We need to come to the dacha more often,” we decided.

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How we worked in the garden