Composition on Shishkin’s painting “Ship Grove”

Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin is a master in describing the nature of his native land. From his paintings, my breath catches, and my heart freezes with delight. What is it worth only his latest painting in life under the title “Ship Grove”, which the artist wrote in 1898 and put in it all his skills and experience.

The painting depicts a pine forest on a bright, sunny day, when the rays of the sun flood the whole district, lighting it, giving warmth and joy. But how high the sun would not rise, its rays still can not penetrate deep into the forest. After all, there, in the forest, pine branches so intertwined with each other that they formed a real tent, under which it is so nice to have a picnic, pick mushrooms in the fall and just walk along winding tangled paths.

The artist carefully painted every little thing in the picture, every broken branch, every root that looks out from under the ground and every stump that was formed because of the felled pines that could

have been cut down in the winter on New Year’s Eve. And all these little things contribute to the fact that I, even if through the picture, feel this delicious smell of pine needles and pine bark.

And next to the forest golden snake curls, it is quite small, maybe even formed solely from rainwater. But still it carries a life-giving moisture like pines, and forest animals and birds, which certainly come to her on the watering hole.

Looking at this picture, I understand how much he loves his land and its beautiful nature. And that is why he so lovingly drew every sunny highlight on the pines, on the grass, on the edge of the forest. The whole picture is flooded with light, which is transmitted through the screen and fills me with pride for the incredible beauty of my country. And I want only one thing – to take care of nature, not to throw garbage on the ground, not to leave a burning fire after a picnic, plant a tree or a flower. I just want to do something to make my Motherland always as beautiful as it is in this picture.

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Composition on Shishkin’s painting “Ship Grove”