Painting Plastov “Dinner tractor drivers”

Arkady Alexandrovich Plastov – a famous Soviet painter, whose paintings are distinguished by the simplicity and recognizability of the plot. Of all his paintings, I most like the canvas called “Dinner tractor”, which was written in 1951. This picture differs from the others in the bright images of the characters that are depicted on it.

In the picture I see a plowed field, a combine that has just been turned off, which is noticeable from the pair that comes from him and the girl who pours a bowl into the bowl for the tractor driver and his little helper. It would seem that this is a completely unpretentious plot, but it is only worth thinking about, and it becomes clear that the artist has invested a lot in his picture.

First of all, it seems to me that the artist wanted to convey the beauty of a man in his work as a painting. I see a boy and a man on it, probably this is my father and son, who spent the whole day in the field on a tractor. They cultivated the earth, loosened it, sowed it, putting a lot of effort into it all day. But they do not look very tired, because what they do, they give them pleasure, they know that only because of their work, then in the fall they will harvest a rich harvest and they will have what they have in the winter.

So they work from morning to evening on the field while their women are engaged in work in the house, taking care of the comfort of the home. A girl who brought a simple dinner for men – bread and milk, probably a daughter to an older man and a younger sister. The picture shows how carefully she pours the milk, the man divides the bread into equal parts, and the boy resting from the recent work just fell on the soft grass and froze in anticipation of the food, which he seems to be a real treat.

I love this picture by the fact that it shows a very friendly family, where everyone is engaged in his own business, which he knows and loves.

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Painting Plastov “Dinner tractor drivers”