Consolidation of the painting by Plastov “Summer”

The picture of the famous Russian painter AA Plastov is devoted to the summer – a wonderful time of the year, loved by many. This is the time of heat and excellent sunny weather, bathing time in the river, games and outdoor entertainment. And summer is the time of gathering mushrooms, berries, fruits, vegetables and nuts.

Plastov just painted on his canvas two gatherers of forest gifts. Probably, it’s Mom and Daughter. They wandered the forest for a long time and searched diligently, looking for mushrooms. The search turned out to be successful: we see two filled baskets near the tree. The mushrooms were immediately sorted: in one basket – white, in the other – orange (must be, chanterelles or mushrooms).

Both women are very tired of walking and the hot sun. We see them in moments of rest. The woman lay down under the birches on the cool grass and immediately fell asleep. Her big, worn out peasant hands are quietly folded, the blue handkerchief covers

her eyes. The girl sits next to her mother and looks at a bunch of some berries that she ripped off on the way. On it – a simple village attire: a long dress and a red light handkerchief, on the neck – a string of plain beads. The girl’s legs are bare. Apparently, she was used to running around barefoot and not at all afraid of boughs and prickly cones.

Near the mushroom pickers is a large clay jug. There – some cool drink, probably kvass. The girl poured herself a full mug, but still does not drink, but put it at her feet. A small peasant woman remembers how they found mushrooms with their mother. They seemed to be hiding from them in the grass and last year’s leaves, but the sharp eyes of the gatherers noticed the mushroom caps, and the smart hands sent the cunning to the basket. Mushrooms pleasantly smell of wood. And how tasty they will seem in the winter! They will definitely preserve the aroma and taste of hot summer.

In the picture there is one more character – a dog. She also ran into and now rests, cozily curled up near her mistresses.

This sketch is full of peace and joy, in it the beauty and generosity of summer nature is well conveyed.

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Consolidation of the painting by Plastov “Summer”