The composition of Vereshchagin’s painting “The Apotheosis of War”

The main merit of Basil Vereshchagin before the whole of mankind is that he managed to debunk the beautiful bravura of war that existed at that moment with the help of his own work “The Apotheosis of War”. He showed her the real essence.

So, the picture shows a red-hot steppe, among which a pyramid consisting of human skulls is shown. Ravens fly around the pyramid. It should be noted that this picture of the Russian artist reproduced one of these pyramids, which was built by the order of the cruel ruler of Tamerlane, and repeatedly. Tamerlane once gave such orders quite often, and his soldiers put them in the ugly piles of the heads of people who were exterminated by them. Such pyramids were also built relatively recently by order of many Khans of Central Asia.

However, the work “Apotheosis of War” by Basil Vereshchagin in the first place is not at all concrete historical. It has a symbolic character. Thus, the artist’s painting depicts death,

destruction and destruction of all living things.

Dry dead trees act as auxiliary parts. Complement the picture is also depicted on it a deserted dilapidated city. This task is carried out and dried grass. All these elements are parts of one story, depicted on the canvas.

Even the main background of the picture, which is presented in the form of a yellow color, is a symbol of death. Clear and clear sky in turn is intended to create some kind of contrast, which will emphasize the main idea of ​​the whole work. In addition, in order to emphasize all the horror captured in the picture, the artist painted helmets on which traces of saber shots can be seen.

For a more precise and concrete expression of his own idea, Vasily Vereshchagin placed on the frame an inscription: “Dedicated to all the great conquerors: the past, the present and the future.” With this inscription the author of the painting completes the picture. It can be seen as an instrument that helps Vereshchagin convey the idea of ​​the work to the consciousness of all people living on Earth.

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The composition of Vereshchagin’s painting “The Apotheosis of War”