“I want to become a pilot” composition

There are many different professions in the world, but I like the profession of a pilot the most.

A pilot is a person who can control an airplane, helicopter or other aircraft. Many had to fly a virtual plane, storm the enemy sitting in front of the computer. But this is a game, but in reality the profession of a pilot is one of the most technically challenging.

The pilot, naturally, should not be afraid of heights and be able to take responsibility for himself in a critical situation, make the right decision; therefore, he must be a highly qualified specialist and have excellent professional training.

It is especially important to be proactive and remember that there is nothing to do in the sky that is unsure of itself. Also, great willpower, endurance, strong health is not only physical, but also moral. This is especially important for test pilots, since an ordinary everyday working day consists of stressful supernumerary situations.

Three axes of rotation of the aircraft have already been invented. The pilot can only take this method as a basis and learn how to control the aircraft. To soar, like a bird, to keep the balance, it is necessary to make the turns to the pilot not only for his own satisfaction. The importance of the profession lies in the fact that the pilot must each time, sitting at the helm, be responsible for the lives of passengers and crew members.

The pilot’s professionalism is important also during the piloting of the aircraft in air combat, where it depends on the skill of flight control how many enemy aircraft will be destroyed.

The complexity of this profession is also that, for example, the test pilot must first check the serviceability and reliability of the aircraft during the flight, because this also affects the lives of passengers and crew members.

All those who have a profession associated with the sky must remember that the sky does not forgive mistakes.

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“I want to become a pilot” composition