Painting by Zhukovsky “Autumn. Veranda”

Stanislav Yulianovich Zhukovsky – a recognized master of interiors and landscapes. Most of his artistic heritage is occupied by paintings of beautiful halls and nature outside the window, open terraces and species opening from them. Painting “Autumn. Veranda” refers to their number. It was written in 1911, but it seems that it was created literally yesterday.

On the art canvas depicts that timid autumn, the artist’s favorite time of the year, when the wilting of nature is just beginning. Zhukovsky always admired this golden beauty and in the film he managed to convey to us his admiration. Trees are already dressed in colorful outfits: the leaves of the birches are red and yellow, and evergreen fir trees make contrast notes in the overall picture of the riot of colors.

The picture shows the corner of a chic white veranda surrounded by carved handrails. In Russia, terraces have always been a favorite holiday destination in a country house. The verandah

is large and spacious. In general, space, the main theme of this picture. A wide staircase descends down to the river, surrounded by green meadows. On the terrace there are benches and a table, so that people living here can admire the beautiful view that opens from here. On the table there is a glass vase with yellow drooping leaves, in tone with the autumn foliage. Someone caring hands with love decorated this place of rest and leisure of the whole family.

The sun shines brightly, emphasizing the azure of the sky and bright glare on all surfaces of the picture – on the veranda, on the table and benches. The foliage of birches crumbled and lies a picturesque carpet on the whole surface. Most likely, these are the last warm sunny days, after all, there were already frosts at night, because the air is clear and frosty.

Zhukovsky always painted his paintings very quickly, he was a master of the elusive moment and unique beauty of life. And the picture “Autumn. Veranda” is a vivid confirmation of this.

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Painting by Zhukovsky “Autumn. Veranda”