Composition on Shishkin’s painting “Rye”

We see before us a picture of an important, very important artist for our country – Shishkin. Ever since childhood, we know that this painter was very fond of Russian nature. Like no one else, he could convey all the beauty, so finely prescribing the details that the canvases seem to be alive.

Here “Rye” is a vivid example of this. And we can see all the beauty in detail. Thanks to such works, children already from a small age are accustomed to understand how wide our country is, how its landscapes are beautiful and luxurious. Nowhere is there more space like in our country. Nowhere is there such a feeling of the Motherland as here. Wherever we go, we always see around the boundless fields.

The picture “Rye” depicts the Russian field, which was sown, and already harvested the harvest. Rye stands, tipping the tops down, which shows us how heavy and ripe the grain is in it. Soon the harvest will begin. The day is wonderful.

I want to penetrate through the canvas and walk there – along this country road, among the centuries-old such similar and at the same time different pines, to reach the forest, which, on the horizon, the artist indicated us. Such pictures calms the mind, they can be watched for hours. Few people in our time manage to create truly soul-filled landscapes, so that they make you think and dream about so many things.

The beauty of the field on this wonderful day gives someone memories of childhood, when they spent it somewhere in the countryside, running barefoot here along such field, dusty roads with neighbor’s children. And the serene summer sky and warm sun rays caressed the baby’s skin. This warmth and aroma of wildflowers is felt even now. For this artist Shishkin wants to say a separate: “Thank you.” How good that there are things that can cause so many positive feelings and emotions, looking at them.

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Composition on Shishkin’s painting “Rye”